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Cult Favorite Skin Care Tools December 09 2016, 0 Comments

The internet swears by these skincare tools. These fan favorites are relatively inexpensive and also reusable, saving you both money and time. These tools can assist you on your skincare journey, helping you achieve the face you want.

1. Silicon Face Masks

Ever end up going to bed with a face full of night cream just for it to end up on the pillow. With this face mask for only 5$ you can keep the product contained on your face. Just put on your favorite night time cream and then put on the mask. It will keep the product close to your face, keeping the moisture intact. It also works great if you tend to touch and pick your face in your sleep.

2. Frownies

This hack is for the aging group. Some people get wrinkles in between their eyes. They are called “11” lines because it literally looks like two vertical straight lines. This is caused by frowning, creating a crease in between your eyes. A quick cheap beauty hack is little adhesive tape strips that you can apply on the skin. There are several brands online that sell them such as “Frownies” or “Furless”. You can even create your own with surgical tape.

3. Japanese Bath Face Towel

These are a cult favorite online and in Japan. The product has even won awards in its home country! It is an exfoliating towel that can scrub your skin getting rid of impurities. You can incorporate this tool into your nighttime skin care routine to ensure that you are cleansing and exfoliating properly. It is best to exfoliate right before bed. This is because its night time is a crucial time for you skin to repair and heal. There are plenty of tools on the market to help you with your exfoliating needs, but this one, in particular, is great as it is reusable.

4. Charcoal Buff

This product is great for people who have acne as the charcoal pulls the oils from your face, getting rid of blemishes as well as getting rid of dead skin cells which can clog up pores. These little sponges cost less than 20 dollars and you only have to replace them every 3 months resulting in a great tool that will keep your skin healthy looking and your wallet happy as well.

5. Starbucks Napkins

When you are grabbing your morning latte make sure to grab a couple of extra napkins. The internet swears by this beauty hack. They are great for blotting and getting rid of excess oil. This gives you that matte looks on the go – and it’s completely free!

Finding the Right Products for your Skin type December 08 2016, 0 Comments

 By: Tayyeba

It is quite confusing to find the right kind of product for your skin type when there is a lot of variety to choose from. This post does not talk about a brand that you like or the cost of the products but it is about the form and texture of any skin care product that will suit your skin type. Every person's skin is unique. A product that suits one person will not necessarily be suitable for another as both individuals might have different skin types and the product might affect each differently. There are 3 basic steps for skin care i.e. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. It is highly important to use the right form and texture of any of these products to get the best results. Here are the different forms:


1. Cleansing milk: It has a thick and milky texture. It has an equal amount of oil and water in it.

Suitable for: Normal/dry/combination (not too dry, not too oily) skin

2. Cleansing oil: It can have oily or milky texture.

Suitable for: Normal/dry/very dry skin

3. Cleansing water: It is more water like with a little touch of oil in it

Suitable for: All skin types.

4. Cleansing foam: It has more water in it

Suitable for: oily/ combination/ acne-prone skin

5. Cleansing cream: It has a thick and creamy texture. It has more oil and less water.

Suitable for: Normal/dry/very dry skin

6. Cleansing gel: It is viscous and can have a bubbly texture with water. It is more water based.

Suitable for: oily/ combination/ acne-prone skin


1. Water based texture: It is more commonly found and is good for all skin types

2. Gel based texture: It is not found commonly and is good for oily/acne-prone skin


1. Cream: For dry skin.

2. Gel: For oily/combination/acne-prone skin.

3. Lotion: For normal/combination/acne-prone skin.

4. Oil: For dry/very dry skin.

5. Milky: For normal/combination/acne-prone skin.

You can select the best product type for your skin based on these categories. I hope the information provided will be helpful to make a shopping day hassle-free.

Will Going Vegan Give You Clearer Skin December 08 2016, 0 Comments

By: Shawna

Going vegan is the number one tip I can give on how to dramatically improve your health. Study after study shows that whole food, plant-based diets are the only diets to reverse heart disease and type II diabetes. Going vegan cuts out cholesterol saturated fats and hormones from animal derived foods. When your body is fueled with healthier sources of food, your acne may even subside.

One of the biggest contributors of acne in your diet may be due to dairy. Dairy is found in yogurt, ice cream, milk, cheese and hidden in countless other foods. The hormone called IGF-1 may be what causes acne. This hormone is what allows a baby calf to grow to a full grown cow in a short amount of time. Although this is good for a calf, it is not good for our skin. Milk is also high in fats and causes insulin spikes in our bodies. Milk is an inflammatory and can cause cystic, red bumps. Although it may seem overwhelming, milk is the number one product to eliminate from your diet to achieve clear skin. If you love dairy, there are alternative products that taste just as good! My favorite alternative dairy products are soy yogurt, soy milk, and cashew ice cream. Most stores carry plant-based milk and yogurts and health food stores will have more specialty products.

Although vegans do not consume milk, some still struggle with acne. Acne can be difficult to get rid of if it is not caused by dairy. Sometimes hormones in your body can be responsible for recurrent breakouts. If you are still having trouble with acne after switching to a vegan diet, cutting down on fats like oil, adding more probiotics, and even taking a barberry supplement may be ways to cure it. I am vegan and I still do not have perfect skin. But I do see an improvement especially when I focus on eating healthy whole foods as the staples of my diet.

In the end, health should be your number one focus for clearing your acne. A healthy diet is necessary for preventing breakouts but if you still struggle even after adopting a vegan diet, do not give up. Acne is something that takes time and patience and can be due to different factors in different people. Nonetheless, I recommend you cut out dairy not only just for your acne but your health as well.

There's No Shame in Being Different December 07 2016, 0 Comments

By: Lian

I have to say, growing up, was not the best childhood for me. I obtained acne at an early age; during fifth grade while I was still in elementary. That’s before children even knew what acne was! You can only imagine how embarrassing that was. I endured all the bullying and teasing from the young boys. I endured the pitying, yet confused, glances from the young girls. I tried so hard to fit in. 

I was determined to be like all the others no matter what. I wanted to be that girl sitting next to me in class who everyone adored. I wanted to be that girl on television that everyone thought was hilarious. I wanted to be that girl on the cover of the magazine who was deemed absolutely drop dead gorgeous.

I would lie in bed every night thinking, “Why do I have to look like this? Why me?” I became so self-conscious because of my acne. When middle school started, I began to wear my hair down covering half my face. People always questioned the scarring on my face. Some were disgusted and some were genuinely curious. I hated being looked at as different. I had hated being looked at as if I wasn’t just like everyone else. 

I never wanted to stand out. I wanted to blend in with the crowd. Unfortunately, you don’t always get want you want in life. During my freshmen year of high school, I started to experiment with makeup. I wanted to be able to go out and not have to stare at the ground as I walked for fear of people staring intensely at my acne scarring.

I thought blending in was what I wanted until I met a couple of new friends. They were DIFFERENT. They loved being quirky, being themselves. They had no care in the world about what others thought of them as long as they were happy. Those peculiar friends changed my life. I saw things in a new perspective. I found happiness in being different. 

I learned to accept the fact that I possibly might never fit in with the rest of the crowd, but that was okay. I was happy being me. I didn’t want to be like the same people who couldn’t see past external appearances. I didn’t want to be the seemly perfect girl sitting next to me in class anymore. I wanted to stay as myself. It’s okay to be different. It’s amazing to be unique.

6 Hоmе Rеmеdіеs fоr Acnе Scаrs thаt Rеаlly Wоrk December 07 2016, 0 Comments

By: Joyce

Аcnе cаn bе hіghly dіstrеssіng, nоt оnly bеcаusе thеy аrе pаіnful but аlsо bеcаusе thеy lеаvе bеhіnd hіdеоus scаrs thаt nеvеr rеаlly gо аwаy. Why іs thіs sо? Pіmplе аrіsеs duе tо sоmе sоrt оf skіn dаmаgе. Durіng thе hеаlіng prоcеss, thе bоdy crеаtеs nеw skіn cеlls аnd cоllаgеn fіbrеs fоr rеpаіr thаt lеаds tо аcnе scаr fоrmаtіоn. Аlthоugh аcnе scаrs dоn’t rеаlly gо аwаy but thеіr cоlоur, sіzе аnd аppеаrаncе cаn bе mоdіfіеd tо rеndеr thеm undеtеctаblе, thus іmprоvіng fаcіаl аppеаrаncе. Hеrе аrе а fеw hоmе rеmеdіеs yоu cаn try tо lіghtеn yоur аcnе scаrs.

1. Sаndаlwооd wаtеr: 

Аccоrdіng tо Аyurvеdа, sаndаlwооd оr chаndаn іs а hіghly еffеctіvе sооthіng аnd cооlіng аgеnt, whіch mаkеs іt іdеаl tо dеаl wіth skіn prоblеms. 

Tіp: Sіmply sоаk а pіеcе оf sаndаlwооd іn wаtеr fоr а fеw hоurs. Rеmоvе thе wооd, dry аnd stоrе fоr rеusе. Usіng а smаll bаll оf cоttоn, smеаr thе sаndаlwооd wаtеr slоwly оn thе pаrts оf thе skіn thаt hаs аcnе scаrs. Rеpеаt еvеry dаy fоr аbоut а weеk аnd yоu аrе surе tо nоtіcе а mаrkеd dіffеrеncе іn yоur fаcіаl аppеаrаncе. Аltеrnаtіvеly, yоu cаn rub а pіеcе оf sаndаlwооd оn а wооdеn bаsе wіth а lіttlе rоsеwаtеr tо mаkе а thіn pаstе. Аpply а smаll quаntіty оf thіs pаstе оn yоur scаr аnd lеаvе іt оvеrnіght. Wаsh yоur fаcе thе nеxt mоrnіng wіth cоld wаtеr.

2. Fеnugrееk еxtrаct: 

Fеnugrееk hаs аntі-іnflаmmаtоry, аntіsеptіc аnd sооthіng аctіоn оn thе skіn thаt hеlps hеаl skіn cоndіtіоns аnd rеducіng аcnе scаrs. 

Tіp: Аdd а fеw sееds оf fеnugrееk (mеthі) іntо а lіttlе wаtеr; bоіl fоr аbоut 10-15 mіnutеs. Аllоw thе lіquіd tо cооl, strаіn оut thе sееds аnd usіng а cоttоn bаll, аpply thе wаtеr tо thе аcnе scаrs. Dо thіs rеgulаrly fоr аbоut а Iеk аnd yоu wіll sее а rеductіоn іn thе іntеnsіty оf thе scаrs’ аppеаrаncе.

3. Lеmоn juіcе: 

Lеmоns аrе rіch іn vіtаmіn C thаt plаys аn іmpоrtаnt rоlе іn synthеsіs оf cоllаgеn іn thе bоdy. Fоr thіs rеаsоn, rеgulаr usе оf lеmоns – bоth іntеrnаlly аs pаrt оf thе dіеt аnd еxtеrnаlly оn thе skіn – cаn hеlp kееp yоur skіn hеаlthy аnd frее frоm scаrs.

Tіp: Cut а fеw lеmоns аnd squееzе оut thе juіcе. Аpply thе juіcе wіth а cоttоn bаll dіrеctly оntо thе аcnе scаrs оn thе fаcе. Аllоw іt tо rеmаіn fоr sоmе tіmе аnd thеn wаsh wіth plаіn wаtеr. Thіs tеnds tо hаvе а blеаchіng еffеct оn dаrk scаrs. HоIvеr, іt іs іmpоrtаnt thаt yоu аvоіd gоіng оut іn brіght sunlіght whеn yоu hаvе аpplіеd lеmоn juіcе bеcаusе іt cаn cаusе dаrkеnіng оf skіn. Yоu cаn аlsо cоmbіnе lеmоn juіcе wіth оthеr іngrеdіеnts fоr scаr-rеducіng еffеct. Mіx оnе tаblеspооn еаch оf lеmоn juіcе, hоnеy аnd аlmоnd оіl wіth twо tаblеspооns оf mіlk. Аpply thіs mіxturе оn yоur scаrs оncе а dаy fоr аbоut оnе Iеk tо sее аn іmprоvеmеnt.

4. Nееm lеаvеs: 

Nееm lеаvеs cоntаіns аlkаlоіds thаt gіvе thеm dіstіnct аntіbаctеrіаl, аntіvіrаl аnd аntіfungаl prоpеrtіеs. Thіs mаkеs thеm еffеctіvе аgаіnst а wіdе rаngе оf skіn prоblеms, frоm аcnе аnd еczеmа tо rіngwоrm. Thеy аlsо hаvе thе prоpеrty оf clеаnsіng thе bоdy оf tоxіns.  

Tіp: Plаcе а nееm lеаf dіrеctly оn thе аffеctеd аrеа fоr sоmе tіmе. Prаctіcе thіs rеgulаrly tо sее gооd rеsults.

5# Аlое vеrа: 

Thе gеl-lіkе substаncе оbtаіnеd frоm thе lеаvеs оf аlое plаnt hаs а mаgіcаl аbіlіty tо hеаl skіn prоblеms.

Tіp: Wаsh а lеаf оf аlое plаnt аnd pееl оut іts оutеrmоst grееn lаyеr tо rеаch thе іnnеr jеlly-lіkе substаncе. Scооp оut thе jеlly wіth а spооn аnd аpply а lіttlе quаntіty dіrеctly оntо thе scаrrеd tіssuе. Rеpеаt thіs twіcе а dаy, lеаvіng thе gеl оn fоr аbоut hаlf аn hоur еаch tіmе. Wаsh іt оff еvеry tіmе wіth plаіn wаtеr. Rеpеаt fоr а fеw dаys аnd yоu wіll nоtіcе thаt yоur scаrs bеcоmе undеtеctаblе аnd yоur skіn fееls tіghtеr tо gеt а dіstіnct glоw. Thе gооd thіng іs, аlое vеrа suіts аll skіn typеs.

6. Аpplе cіdеr vіnеgаr: 

Vіnеgаr hаs thе prоpеrty оf scrаpіng оff оld cеlls оn thе surfаcе оf thе skіn. Thіs pееlіng аctіоn аlоng wіth іts аntіsеptіc prоpеrty mаkеs іt usеful аgаіnst аcnе scаrs.

Tіp: Dіrеct аpplіcаtіоn оf vіnеgаr tо thе skіn mаy dаmаgе sеnsіtіvе skіn sо mаkе surе yоu dіlutе thе sоlutіоn wіth wаtеr bеfоrе аpplyіng іt tо thе scаrs wіth а cоttоn bаll. 

Аlоng wіth thе usе оf thеsе hоmе rеmеdіеs, іt іs іmpоrtаnt tо tаkе stеps tо prеvеnt nеw pіmplеs frоm еruptіng. Strеss tеnds tо cаusе hоrmоnаl chаngеs thаt cаn wоrsеn аcnе, sо usе dееp brеаthіng еxеrcіsеs аnd mеdіtаtе tо kееp strеss аwаy. Cut dоwn thе usе оf оіl-bаsеd cоsmеtіcs such аs mоіsturіsеrs аnd mаkе-up аnd еvеn hаіr prоducts. Thіs wіll rеducе thе blоckіng оf thе pоrеs іn thе skіn аnd rеducе yоur chаncеs оf аn аcnе оutbrеаk. Whіlе thеrе іs nоthіng yоu cаn dо аbоut thе аppеаrаncе оf аcnе prіоr tо оr durіng thе mеnstruаtіоn pеrіоd, yоu cаn cеrtаіnly аvоіd іt gеttіng wоrsе by kееpіng yоur fаcе clеаn аnd frее frоm оіl аnd аdоptіng а ‘nо tоuchіng оr brеаkіng pіmplеs’ pоlіcy.

Ways to Remove Dark Spots from Face and Brighten Skin Tone December 06 2016, 0 Comments

By: Tayyeba

Here are my top ways to remove dark spots from the face and brighten the skin tone; all are based on personal experiences! 

1. Honey and lemon mixture (Experience: 1.5 months)

Take 1-2 tbsp of honey and add a few drops of lemon to it. Mix well to make it less dense. Apply it all over your face, back of hands, and feet. Rub it for few minutes focusing on the spotted areas. Do this regime once daily before going to bed. Make sure you cleanse your face before applying it to get the best results. You will start noticing a difference within 3 weeks. Your skin will be brightened and glowing and any spots on your skin will start lightening. Lemon and honey have anti-spotting and brightening properties respectively that not only maintain the skin but give a fresh and young look.

2. Rose water for dark circles

Take a bowl with some cold rose water enough to soak in cotton pads. Dip 2 cotton pads in it and soak a good amount of rose water. Put the cotton pads on your eyes, lie down and relax for 20 mins. Repeat this once every day after your face cleansing routine. The coolness of the rose water will help you relax your mind and make the dark circles fade away eventually. With this regime, you also need to have at least 7 hours of sound sleep at night and a balanced diet including good portions of fruit and vegetables daily. All of these things are directly related to the appearance of dark circles and are equally important for our health and beauty.

3. Vaseline for dark ankles (Experience: More than a year and continuing)

Vaseline is one of the best product for our skin. It helps overcome at least a few basic problems. Be it skin dryness, spots, dark ankles, and feet, skin rash or redness or rough hard heels. I have had experience with all of these and Vaseline has never disappointed me. For dark ankles, take a good amount of Vaseline and rub it on your ankles in a circular motion using your fingers. Keep rubbing gently for 4-5 minutes. Do it once or twice every day as your desire. You will notice a difference within a course of few weeks. Eventually, the ankles will lighten and get a similar tone to your feet. It might not be the same as your feet and may take longer time but it will surely bring a good change on how your feet look. Vaseline moisturizes the skin so well and gives it a new look. You can always rely on it for these basic problems and it will always boost your confidence.

Acne's Impact On Self-esteem December 06 2016, 0 Comments

By: HarriG.

As anyone who has suffered from acne can tell you, we all have experienced some sort of dysphoria towards the way we look and how acne can change the way we perceive ourselves. As someone who suffered from severe acne in my teenage years, I can definitely say that my self-esteem took a hit. In this article, I’ll be telling you reasons why it’s not the end of the world if you have acne and the ways I comforted myself in this endeavor.

Reason 1 – Your acne is probably more noticeable to you than how others see you. I have had plenty of experiences where I thought my acne looked horrific on particular days but my friends insisted that I looked completely fine and my spots were barely noticeable. Looking back, I realize now that I was being so harsh on myself and how I painted myself to be ‘ugly’. If you’re an acne sufferer, one day you’ll be able to do the same. Overall, don’t be so harsh on yourself and look towards beating your acne and what the future holds.

Reason 2 – You are not alone. You are not the only person going through what you’re going through with your acne troubles. If you do feel like you’re fighting this battle alone then get into contact with someone going through something similar. See if you can reach out to someone on and drop them an email. Hell, there are plenty of videos on YouTube sharing their experiences with acne and you might find content in the way they have progressed in hopes you can do the same. Maybe if you comment on their video, they might be able to give you some comfort with your personal story.

Reason 3 – Acne cannot stop you from doing what you want to do. It is you who stops yourself from becoming the greatest version of yourself. They have been many acne sufferers who have made it to their dream jobs and their experiences of acne have only made them stronger as people. For example, the actor Cameron Diaz used to suffer from acne but that did not hold her back from becoming an actor. In conclusion, don’t limit yourself because of your acne, think about how it will make you a stronger person and how you can use that to strive to do anything.

In summary, I just want to say that don’t let your acne get in your way in life. There may be moments where you don’t think you’re good enough or that you’re not worth anything but me, and many others, can tell you it does get better. So please, be happy with who you are and you decide what defines you.

The Science Behind Smelling Good December 05 2016, 0 Comments

By: Harri G.

Recently, I have been interested in the infinitesimal subject. I have been fascinated with the science on how scent can have a massive impact on social information gathered by others and how, by smelling good, you are viewed as more attractive. I will be explaining ways to smell good and the scientific reasons scent can have an impact on your social life.

Firstly, in the animal kingdom, animals can be attracted to each other through a chemical called ‘’pheromones’’ which basically smell. The same also goes for humans who can also be attracted to each other through pheromones. Basically, smells can scientifically make you more attractive as it can be suggestive of your personality traits. For example, smelling good suggests you are hygienic meaning that people have a more positive perspective of you.

The first way to start smelling good is to deal with body odor. Everyone has body odor and we all have to deal with it by having a shower when it’s needed. However, showering is usually not enough and we need an additional product to also cover and prevent body odor further. I recommend using an ‘’antiperspirant’’ instead of a deodorant because it will actually target skin glands to block them and prevent the odor whereas deodorant will only hide the smell. This step alone will make you smell ten times better (if you don’t really like the smells that perfumes will give you).

On the daily, for both men and women, a small spritz of perfume or aftershave will go a long way. However, only use a small amount because too much will make the scent more suffocating rather than pleasant.

Scientifically, the male pheromone and female pheromones are found in sweat amongst other places specific to the genders. Traditionally, an investigation conducted that the most attractive pheromone found in male sweat was a musky scent. This is why, traditionally, men aftershave tend to be murkier because it is scientifically meant to be ‘more attractive’. The same goes for why women perfume are usually more floral because more men were attracted to that scent.

Overall, smelling good is one of the numerous ways to be seen as more attractive but that isn’t the main reason of why you should smell good. You should do this because it will make you more hygienic and certain smells can also act as a comfort to some people (for example the smell of lavender is very comforting to me because the house I grew up in had lavender plants). I hope you were as interested in this as I was!

My Story With Acne and Ways to Cope With It December 05 2016, 0 Comments

By: Grayson T.

Acne, it is the skin condition from hell. Unsightly, unattractive, and often times painful, this condition can inflict a disastrous blow to someone’s psychological well-being, I know it has for me. I have suffered from cystic acne to the regular whitehead as well as a degree of red marks and scarring.  However, I am one of the lucky ones. I’ve always been considered attractive by peers and I’ve actually been asked out by many girls, but having acne has greatly lowered my self-esteem that no matter what anyone says, what I see in the mirror is not what I deem attractive and for anyone who goes through this phase, I feel for you.

Going out in public was a burden for me.  I’m afraid to look in the mirror because I was going to get depressed at what I saw. I was always insecure about looking people in the eye because I felt that my acne was the one staring looking at them. My grades dropped and my A’s in honors classes dropped to low B’s and C’s. I dropped being captain of my sports team and it got so bad that I could not even turn on the bathroom lights when I got ready for school.  My mood at home was always in constant anger and depression that it, unfortunately, affected my relationship with my parents. In a way, I let my acne rule me, but take it from me, don’t let it define you.

Now, this may seem hypocritical given my story, but I speak from experience. Often times we are so critical of ourselves that we forget to enjoy life. So I came to write this article to help you deal with it mentally. In my following articles, I will help you actually deal with the condition itself.

1. Seek Help

If you’re going through a rough time, whether it is acne or some other dilemma that you may be enduring, seek help. Get a friend, family member, speak on a forum, go to a close friend. In any case, find something. When my mom talked to me, she went through the same thing I did and she made it sound as if she had it worse. She gave me the support that I needed and even threw in that I only had acne so that the guys in my school would have a chance at the girls. Whether or not that was true, I did not care, it made me feel better and finding someone to talk to will does the same for you. Trust me.

2. Relax

Relax, my friend. Take out time of the day for yourself to just unwind and do something you enjoy. It may be watching TV, playing games, surfing the web, watching videos, eating flowers, whatever makes you happy is all that matters. Personally, I like to play tennis and football but since my worst phase of acne came during the winter season, that was not an option.  Instead, I turned to breathing exercises and yoga at night. This greatly relaxed me and for the only time in the day, I forget about my acne and everything else in the day for those 20 minutes and to me, that was extremely valuable. I highly recommend yoga with Adrienne found on YouTube. She has great videos for beginners to start you off with.

3. Don’t spend so much time brooding and be positive

Realize that many others like you suffer from this disease from hell. Those who don’t may dismiss your problem as little and that many go through worse things. While that may harbor some truth, branding one’s problem as less just because many go through worse is wrong. Any type of suffering affects everyone differently and don’t let anyone tell you your problem with acne is “little” because we all know that just isn’t true. Stay positive. I always found that envisioning my clear skin in 1-2 years always made me feel better and that this condition does not last forever even if it may feel like it. Don’t let acne rule you.

Thank you guys for reading! If all else fails, message me at I will be more than happy to listen to you. Although I’m not an expert I’ll offer any support that I can. Have a great day and take care!

The Best Vegan Shortbread Cookies Ever! December 05 2016, 0 Comments

 Guest Blog By VeganAcneSufferers 

Nothing screams Christmas to me quite like baking shortbread cookies and singing along with Dean Martin to Christmas songs.

Traditional Christmas cookies usually come in the form of gingerbread or sugar cookies, but in my house, it's all about the shortbread. This is probably because of how I grew up.

I spent 99.9% of my childhood baking in the kitchen with my grandma, and they were the happiest times of my life (it had nothing to do with eating raw cookie dough when my grandma left the room, I swear). We would bake a lot of chocolate chip cookies (because kid), oatmeal cookies (because fiber), and of course, my pride and joy, shortbread cookies (because yum). My grandma used to put the chunks of mixed glace fruit right in the center, although it's something I have since omitted from her recipe because .. well .. I don't like them. Shortbread cookies don't need your help, fruit.

As a kid, I only got shortbread cookies at Christmas, and they went fast. But as an adult, I get the special privilege of making shortbread cookies whenever the heck I please. When I went vegan, veganizing my grandma's shortbread cookie recipe was easy, but I wasn't sure how they'd turn out.

In case you're wondering, I think the vegan version tastes way better than the non-vegan version (sorry, grandma). 

They're rich, they're buttery, they're crumbly and soft, they keep well, and they're just the best dang thing since sliced bread. They do require a little more work than other cookies in terms of chilling and rolling, but I promise you, it'll be worth it when everyone is asking you for the recipe.

You Will Need:

 1 & 1/2 cups of room temperature vegan margarine (Earth Balance, or Becel also makes a vegan margarine)
 1 cup white sugar (extra for sprinkling)
 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
 3 & 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
 1/4 teaspoon salt

(Additional optional toppings: melted chocolate on half is always a favourite; mixed glace fruit; sprinkles)


1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

2. In a bowl, with an electric mixer or a fork, mix together the margarine and 1 cup of sugar until they are just combined.

3. Add the vanilla. Just mix.

4. In a different bowl, sift together the flour and salt, then add them to the margarine-and-sugar mixture. Mix on low until the dough starts to come together. If the dough is too crumbly, add a tablespoon or so of melted margarine to help the dough come together.

5. Dust your counter with flour. Take the dough out of the bowl and place it on the floured surface, and shape into a flat disk. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take this time to sing some Christmas music! I recommend Santa Baby, Baby It's Cold Outside, or Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire! 

6. Roll the dough out to about 1/2-inch thick and cut with a 3 by 1-inch finger-shaped cutter (or use a bent egg mold, like me - crafty!). We used to just roll them into balls and shape them into cookie shapes, but I've fancied up my cookie game a wee bit since then, & now I use an egg mold bent into the shape of a rectangle. So fancy!

7. Place the cookies on an ungreased baking sheet lined with parchment paper, and sprinkle with sugar.

8. Bake for 20-25 minutes, until the edges begin to brown.

9. Allow to cool to room temperature, and then store in an air-tight container on the counter for several days.

Did you try this recipe? Let us know how you liked them!


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