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Dairy VS Soy August 17 2017, 0 Comments

Milk and other dairy products are good for your health. They contain calcium which strengthens your teeth and bones. However, over the course of time, we’ve become suspicious of it because it is believed to be the cause of some health issues ranging from excess mucus production to high cholesterol. And there are also people who have noticed that their acne is either caused or worsened by milk and dairy products.

Getting rid of it from your diet may not be the best solution though since you’ll also be eliminating all the nutrients your body gets from it. So maybe you should just try substituting it. One way of doing it is by going with soy.

Dairy vs soy is really something to consider. Both are a good source of protein and another range of essential vitamins and minerals but soy milk and products are much more favorable if you’re consuming full-fat dairy products. This is because full-fat dairy products are filled with saturated fat which you want to avoid since it is the cause of high cholesterol and increase the risk of heart diseases. Why does this make soy products favorable? Because it contains less saturated fat than that of milk products.

It, along with other soy-based products like tofu, soy cheese and yogurt are also good sources of iron and fiber, which you can’t get in dairy and other essential vitamins. It also has health benefits including a reduction in risk of certain hormonal cancers because it has phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are antioxidants which mimic the hormone estrogen in our body.

A cup of plain soy milk also provides your body 7 grams of protein. You also have to know that soy contains all nine essential amino acids that our body assembles into new proteins. This includes antibodies essential for immune system function, enzymes that help your cells produce energy and structural proteins that hold your tissues together.

But what about calcium which your bones need? Yes, soy also has that. In fact, a cup of plain soy milk actually has 299 milligrams of calcium content and contributes 30 percent of your recommended daily calcium intake. Soy milk also has iron which milk and dairy products don’t have. This iron assists your red blood vessels, ensuring that all tissues in your body get the oxygen and nutrients they need.

Other than that, you can also avoid having acne breakouts if you switch to soy milk and soy-based products entirely. But I suggest you don’t. You see, to become healthier, your diet has to be that of wide food variations. So maybe a lot of soy and a little bit of dairy is good for you. If you are torn between giving up dairy vs soy, then weigh all the pros and cons. But a healthy diet should also be a wide variety of healthy choices.

According to Denis Griffiths, an accredited practicing dietitian at Curtin University in Western Australia, “It’s great to include a wide variety of foods in your diet… and making sure that in your shopping trolley you have a range of products so that you’re covering all your different nutrient needs.”

Benefits of Squats August 17 2017, 0 Comments

Being a physically fit person and staying healthy is one of the things that allows us, humans to do the things that we want to do every day without getting sick or becoming unfit to do so. But it is staying healthy that proves to be hardest for us especially since food is continually becoming tastier and unhealthier by the day and people are lazier than before. The dieting being hard I can’t really help with. All I know is that with commitment and discipline, eating healthy foods will be easy. But with the exercise, I can help.

You see, our advancement in technology and the industry has brought us to the way of thinking that we can get things done if they are easy. And it has also set us as the laziest generation because if it requires too much work, we won’t do it. So, I’ve done the courtesy of searching the internet of an exercise that doesn’t require too much time and work but will help you lose a few of your pounds and become fit if done correctly and it is none other than squats. Yes. Squats. And to be more specific, 100 squats a day.

Why squats? Squats is just one of the countless exercises that you can perform for weight loss and maintain a physically fit body, but it offers several advantages. Here are some of the benefits of squats.

Bodyweight Exercise

One of which is because it is a bodyweight exercise, meaning you don’t need any equipment to do it. This makes exercising convenient for you since you can do it anywhere and at any time.

Compound exercise

Another advantage to squats is the fact that it is a compound exercise, meaning it works for multiple muscle groups and not just one. You burn more calories if more than one muscle group is working and squatting actually covers your quadriceps, gluteal muscles, hamstrings, erector spinae, rectus abdominis, tibialis anterior, soleus, gastrocnemius and your obliques. The exercise requires you to do 100 squats nonstop for each day and it is a lot because the more work you perform, the more calories you’ll burn. According to a research done in the December 2009 issue of “Diabetes Care”, it was indicated that workouts featuring higher repetitions with lower resistance burned more calories than workouts featuring heavier weights and fewer repetitions.

Flexibility and muscle and bone strength

It is good for increasing flexibility and muscle and bone strength, also making you active in doing other physical activities and improving them such as running and swimming.

Burns Fat, Increases Muscle Endurance and Improves Circulation

It also burns fat and increases muscle endurance and helps in the circulation of bodily fluids that assist in the removal of waste and delivery of nutrition to all tissues.

The exercise has been done by a lot of people now and you can see them before and after looks if you want. Just search it on the web. A better you start with changing and improving yourself, physically, mentally and spiritually. And you should do something that makes it easier for you, so what are you waiting for? Start squatting and reap the benefits of squats.

Color Me Beautiful Color Season Analysis August 16 2017, 0 Comments

Carole Jackson came up with the Color Me Beautiful theory. The theory determines which colors work for someone based off of their natural coloring. Skin, hair, and eyes have certain undertones and the color of someone’s clothing may clash or mesh. When matched with flattering colors, the person “glows”.

A Spring is someone with clear, warm undertones. Their cheeks turn a peachy color when they blush. Hair colors range from light blonde to medium brown to strawberry blonde. Hair has golden or red undertones. The color of the eyes is clear blue, turquoise, green, hazel, or light brown. Springs look good in light blue, salmon, peach, mango, lime green, baby yellow, teal, light gray, and millennial pink.

A Summer is someone with cool undertones and blush in a cool, rosy color. Their hair color ranges from light blonde to medium brown with cool, ashy undertones. Eye colors include blue, blue-gray, cool green, and grey-brown. Summers look good in icy blue, baby pink, periwinkle, lilac, pebble violet, hibiscus, maroon, and berry.

An Autumn has warm, golden undertones with rich coloring, low contrast in their features. Their hair color ranges from mid-brown to black, or medium to deep red with golden or red undertones. Eye colors can be hazel, medium brown, black-brown, olive, or warm green. They look good in true red, burgundy, true yellow, true orange, olive green, forest green, camouflage green, nude, navy, and brown.

A Winter has cool or olive undertones with high contrast, deep coloring. The color of their hair can be ashy mid-brown, dark brown, or black with cool undertones. Eye colors can be mid-brown, black-brown, blue-gray, clear blue, or cool green. Colors they look good in are: violet, icy yellow, icy blue, icy pink, gray, true blue, hot pink, forest green, and black.

For those who do not know, cool undertones are either pink or blue and warm undertones are either yellow, peachy, or golden. A few people have neutral tones, which mean they have a mixture of both undertones. Some people with neutral skin tones may lean slightly one way over the other.

There are sub-divisions within each season for more specific color matching; these are determined by the degree of depth, amount of contrast, and tones. The sub-divisions are clear, soft, cool, or warm. Sometimes, people have a certain combination of undertones which make them a blend of two color seasons, meaning they can pull off colors from both of those seasons.

Well, there you have it. I hope this Color Me Beautiful color season analysis is of big help to you as you style your way this month.

Hacks To Get Rid of Cellulite August 16 2017, 0 Comments

I have a big booty. When people ask how I got it I just tell them I was honestly born with it. Since I was in jr. high I have been struggling with cellulite. Here are some hacks to get rid of cellulite which I have personally tried.

1. Lifting weights, HILT and eating right

Now I can give you all the easy tips and tricks but the most important one is to tone your body. Eat a healthy, well balanced and clean diet. Try to work out at least 3 times a week, changing your workout from weight lifting to high-intensity interval training and something you enjoy. For example here is my routine for the week.

Monday: Boxing class at Title Boxing Club (this is a great stress reliever, I LOVE it. It is expensive though) This is my HILT

Tuesday: Lifting full body

Wednesday: Boxing Class

Thursday: Sand Volleyball games

Friday: Lifting full body but different exercises than on Tuesday

Saturday and Sunday are active rest days. I go hiking, biking, on walks, swimming, kayaking, anything that I find fun and active

Lifting is SUPER important to tone those muscle so please don’t just do cardio.

2. Dry brushing

Take a dry brush and brush your body starting from your toes brushing upwards towards your heart for five minutes. I think it feels so great on my skin. I spend extra time on my legs, where the problem spots are.

3. Coffee

Coffee is my holy grail when it comes to cellulite. I just take the used coffee grounds from my coffee maker, get in the shower and scrub my legs with it. It is free and way more effective than buying a coffee scrub. It is messy to make sure you are in the shower. It makes my legs so tingly and the difference is instant. When I get out of the shower I can see a huge difference, it doesn’t get rid of all the cellulite but greatly reduces it. Make sure you spend a good five minutes massaging your legs with the coffee to make it effective.

I hope that these hacks to get rid of cellulite will be helpful to you. The only fix is diet and toning up but the coffee and dry brushing definitely help!

Soap Bars August 15 2017, 0 Comments

Walking into the pharmacy store to buy an acne product and not knowing which one to choose because there are hundreds of them, is a real nightmare. As a teenager, the first solution I could think of for my skin problems was a soap bar. Let's face it, just wash your face with it when you wake up and when you go back to bed at night. Sounds simple to do, but finding the right soap bar is not easy. For this reason, I will share my personal experience with these soap bars and some tips of my own.


Out of the three soap bars, I am writing about today, this is my favorite. During the time I just had a few pimples and oily skin, Neutrogena helped me survive. It leaves your skin soft and does not irritate; although, you always want to moisturize your skin after you wash it with acne products. I used it in the morning when I took a shower and at night before bed. Unfortunately, my acne got worse because it was mainly hormonal at the time, and a soap bar could not stop my acne completely. If you have oily skin and not much acne, Neutrogena is worth the try. 

Natural Sulfur:

Personally, my skin is very sensitive and gets easily irritated; therefore, my experience with Sulfur Soap was not the best. At first, it seemed to control my oily skin, but after a couple of weeks, I noticed my skin started to peel and dry out easily. This soap bar is very strong and I used it morning and night. After a while, I only used it at night until I stopped using it completely. Even though my skin was not oily, it was dry and broken with the use of this soap. I would not recommend it; especially, if you have sensitive skin and do not use a strong moisturizer.


One of the very first products I used was this one! And guess what? It did NOT work.

Several of us have seen the commercial for this product which promises perfect, clear skin. It did not give me perfect, clear skin; on the contrary, it caused my skin more breakouts. My facial skin is very sensitive as I mentioned before, so my reaction to this soap was very similar to the Sulfur Soap. The irritation started from the beginning with this soap; exactly from the moment, I washed my face with it. I did not use this product for more than a month.

The Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms August 15 2017, 0 Comments

Reishi mushrooms, also known as Lingzhi mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum), is an iconic medicinal fungus known for its healing abilities. Virtually unknown across Western cultures, reishi actually has thousands of years of history of use in the Asian countries, particularly for the promotion of health and longevity. In the past, the royals often consume reishi as they believed that it will grant them immortality. In reality, although it may not have such drastic effect, its anti-inflammatory properties are significant in the improvement of the immune system and overall body metabolism.

Proven Health Benefits of Reishi Mushrooms: 

1. Defends Against Tumour Growth and Cancer

Reishi mushrooms are a type of anti-inflammatory foods that contain antioxidants, beta-glucans, and amino acids, all of which are nutrients that protect against cancer. As well,  the chemical compound in reishi known as triterpenoid is responsible for inhibiting the development of tumors.

2. Detox and Improves the Liver

Reishi is an adaptogen that helps strengthen the digestive system, drives the improvement of the liver function and prevents liver diseases by letting toxins and wastes to be flushed out of the body. By improving the function of the liver, it is able to clean, process, store and circulate blood and nutrients in the body a lot more effectively.

3. Promote Heart Health and Balances Blood Pressure

Since reishi is capable of lowering inflammation within the body, it also means that it is able to reduce high blood pressure, improve blood circulation, reduce the symptoms of clogged arteries, shortness of breath and chest pain.

4. Balance Hormones

Reishi mushrooms strongly influence the body to maintain its homeostatic balance. That is to say, if there are too much of a particular hormone in the body, the compounds found in the reishi mushrooms are able to lower and stabilize them, and vice versa if there are too little of that hormones. For instance, by balancing the hormones, reishi may actually be able to reduce the occurrence of hormonal acne.

5. Improve energy levels

The toxins and heavy metals within which the body accumulates are responsible for sluggishness. By lowering their amount, reishi is able to improve energy levels, therefore enhancing concentration, memory, and even the quality of sleep.

6. Reduces Risk for Infections and Viruses

As mentioned previously, because reishi can lower inflammation and improve blood circulation in the body, viral infections that invade the body can be resolved more quickly, thus reducing fatigue and pain.

Reishi products are often available in various forms, including tea, powders, and dietary supplements. These products can be ordered online or purchased in Chinese medicine stores if you live near one. They are in many forms because it became known to many that there are lots of benefits of Reishi mushrooms. Personally, I take reishi in supplement form. I do so by dissembling the pill and pouring the powder out into the warm water so that my body would not have to break down the capsule and will easily absorb the reishi powder. Although I have not yet seen a significant improvement in my acne, I have to say that the Reishi had definitely improved my sleep as I had been able to sleep much quicker and deeper. I also feel that I am experiencing less fatigue throughout the day when I would normally be dozing off.

The powder form of reishi may be more effective than other forms of reishi as it can be digested by the body easier. Unlike other Western medications, reishi is an herbal fungus that is non-toxic and can be well-tolerated by many people. However, as with most things, it is better to consult your doctor before using them. If you experience side effects such as dryness of the mouth or throat, nosebleeds, blood stool and skin rashes, it is best to discontinue the use of reishi and consult your doctor.

The Beverages of Life August 14 2017, 0 Comments

Many of you already know that the things we eat play a decently significant role in our skin’s health but many of us are often flustered and confused at what to eat with all the choices we have. Some of you may even take multivitamins and while that may work for some, I personally don’t believe that it's very effective. One of the biggest reasons is that most multivitamins are not biologically accepting, meaning that your body may not absorb it well and use it for the purposes claimed on the bottle (also remember multi vitamins are not regulated by the FDA, it even says it on the bottle). Also, as a lover of food, I would much rather take my vitamins through eating than through a pill. Think about it this way, sure we could survive through being liquid fed through IV on a hospital bed to keep us alive, but would you rather be hooked up to this IV or eat food and drink? I’ll let you answer that.

Now, onto the actual food. Let me tell you first that please, please don’t obsess over food and what you eat every single meal of the day. I myself being a fitness geek and skin care enthusiast finds myself spoiling with not so healthy food, aka milkshakes and burgers because eating one burger or drinking one milk shake will not destroy your skin. The goal is to eliminate most of the bad foods while replacing them with healthier options but still giving room for the not so healthy stuff. Food is hard to recommend because there are so many different ones but let me recommend simple beverages.


The first, carrot juice. I buy mine from a company called Bolthouse farms. Carrots contain plenty of vitamin A (as much as 630% DV), an essential vitamin for skin, eyes, and hair. I drink a cup of this stuff every day and I have seen great improvement. It also contains potassium thought to regulate cell activity.


Another beverage is a kale smoothie. Let me tell you one thing, I do not like kale, but its vitamins C, D, K, and A is amazing. They deliver almost all of the above in 100% DV and higher. How do I manage to eat it? Through a smoothie. I cut up a whole banana, which also contains potassium and is an overall healthy choice, and it virtually eliminates that bitter kale taste. The great thing about smoothies is that you can add almost anything you want. Feel free to add some flaxseed for your omega 3’s and fiber.


Lastly, water. I don’t need to elaborate much on this, water is simply the basic beverage everyone needs  Be sure to drink the required amounts a day and a little over for good measure.

There you have it, the beverages of life. I invite you to try them out or at the very least take something from the article to help you. Always remember that we put in our body very much affects what is on the outside of our body. Many miss this concept and the fact that our skin is a fairly accurate representation of what goes on in our body. If you’re breaking out all over your body, it is almost always systematic. If it is only on your face, then perhaps your products may be doing you more harm than good or you need to eliminate a few things in your diet that really aggravate your facial acne. When in doubt, always stick to the basics and don’t fall for gimmicky tricks that many skin care websites and companies try to sell you in.

The Importance of Mental Health August 14 2017, 0 Comments

For those who have suffered from acne, you are aware of the damage it can bring to your mental health. The unsightly spots can affect the way you interact with people and the way that you carry yourself. For me, acne has been a big part of my life and it has made me gone through bouts of depression and not so good times. Not only did talking to people become difficult, but it was a major inconvenience. I could not get out of the house without foundation and every time I went out, I always felt people were staring at me and my skin (when in reality no one probably cares).

Hanging out with friends became a chore and being in a relationship was pretty much out of the question. I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has experienced these acne woes, and some may have had it worse. With that being said, I personally got tired of my acne controlling my head so I pledged to do a couple of things and I invite you to do the same.One thing that really changed the game in improving my mental health was not looking in the mirror and observing every spot and imperfection that I had. If I had to look in the mirror, I would stand a decent distance away. By not obsessing over my appearance, I felt a whole new sense of freedom in not caring. Of course, I still cared for my skin but I felt heaps more confidence in not looking constantly at my skin. The best part? My skin improved significantly.

One thing that really changed the game in improving my mental health was not looking in the mirror and observing every spot and imperfection that I had. If I had to look in the mirror, I would stand a decent distance away. By not obsessing over my appearance, I felt a whole new sense of freedom in not caring. Of course, I still cared for my skin but I felt heaps more confidence in not looking constantly at my skin. The best part? My skin improved significantly.Another thing that I did was deep breathing exercises, specifically when I wake up and when I sleep. I spend at least 10 minutes minimum each day and night doing it and I have seen a major improvement in my mood as well as my skin. You may wonder how I gauge my skin progression since I said not to look

Another thing that I did was deep breathing exercises, specifically when I wake up and when I sleep. I spend at least 10 minutes minimum each day and night doing it and I have seen a major improvement in my mood as well as my skin. You may wonder how I gauge my skin progression since I said not to look at the mirror that much. While true, when I wash my face I have a good idea of my skin’s health and I can tell you that it's a lot more smooth. There will also be days where I just check up on my skin to see how everything is going so I don’t entirely neglect looking at my skin. Part of being healthy mentally is accepting your situation so I would not deny my acne in any way. Many people tend to be in denial with their acne and that just isn’t healthy. Instead, find other ways to occupy yourself. Learn an instrument, hang with friends, learn to have fun really. When you enjoy how much life has to offer, the problem of superficial appearance and acne become incredibly small and insignificant.

These are two big changes I made to my daily life and I invited you to do the same, I guarantee you will feel better about yourself and in the end, acne should not dictate your life. If your friends tease you about your acne or even make fun of you outright, they should not be your friends. At the very least, communicate with them and tell them the jokes aren’t funny and if they refuse to stop then they are not real friends.

These are two big changes I made to my daily life and I invited you to do the same, I guarantee you will feel better about yourself and in the end, acne should not dictate your life. If your friends tease you about your acne or even make fun of you outright, they should not be your friends. At the very least, communicate with them and tell them the jokes aren’t funny and if they refuse to stop then they are not real friends. Hopefully, many of you take the advice I give in this article as I am an acne sufferer myself and I know how much acne can really make you think twice about everything in your life. Keep at it everyone and know that one day we will all be enjoying life in a way that is healthy and (hopefully) acne-free. To your good health!

Transitioning Damaged Hair August 11 2017, 0 Comments


We all know how the everyday styling and activities can further aggravate any bad hair condition we have and we cannot always have glorious hair days, right? Well, read on and learn about transitioning damaged hair to get back to its crowning glory - healthy, shiny and tangle-free!

1. Avoid Heat Styling

As hard as it may be, your heat tools do not do anything for hair growth. Especially at a high heat, your heat tools fry and damage your hair. This prevents hair growth and encourages split ends. Heat protectant can only go so far in protecting your hair. If you want long hair fast, avoid heat tools as much as possible. Look for heat free ways to get the same look.

2. Invest in good Shampoos and Conditioners

Avoid sulfates, which do nothing good for your hair. Beyond this, tailor the products you buy to what your hair needs. For some, this means extra moisture. For others, it means damage repair. And for others, this means hair proteins. In addition, tailor the products to your hair type. For example, many products are tailored differently for curly and straight hair. Because curly hair is usually dryer, the chemical compositions of the products are different.

3. Stop color treating your hair

Bleaching damages the pattern of your hair. It leads to dry and brittle hair. In addition, many times for people with dark hair, the bleaching process needs to be repeated multiple times. In addition to bleaching, coloring hair involves many chemicals that disrupt the natural patterns of the hair. Instead of worrying about coloring and recoloring, avoid color treating your hair to begin with.

4. Do your research

For transitioning damaged hair, it is important to focus on the type of products you use to make sure that the products won’t induce more damage. For this reason, research the ingredients in each product you are using. As a general rule, avoid sulfates and alcohol. For transitioning damaged curly hair, researching the Curly Girl Method is a great place to start the transition journey.

5. Deep Condition

Deep conditioning your hair is a good way to bring moisture to the hair, which is a huge factor in damaged hair. Deep conditioners range in price, and there are many good drugstore products that are affordable and effective. Make sure to look at the ingredients before purchasing a deep conditioner. Another alternative to buying a deep conditioner would be to deep condition with oils. A few examples of effective oils for the hair include castor oil and coconut oil. 

6. Be Patient

While hair damage may seem like it happens quickly, it can take a while to reverse. Be patient with your hair and take good care of it. The end result will be well worth the wait.

These 6 steps for transitioning damaged hair is just a just. Follow them diligently and I guarantee effective results!

Beauty Tips for the Athletes August 11 2017, 0 Comments

Nowadays, most of us are not only socially aware but we also never neglect our general health. Most would even frequent gyms and other fitness centers as proof to this. Here are some beauty tips for the athletes and to those who are living the active lifestyle:

1. Don’t Wear Makeup to the Gym

On so many of those “Get Ready With Me: Morning” youtube videos, you may be seeing people put makeup on and then go to the gym. Sure, they don’t do a full face, but makeup is makeup. It can clog pores, smudge, drip, etc. This could cause clogged pores and lead to breakouts and acne. Just avoid it at all costs so you don’t have to worry about it while you are exercising. Always wash your face after working out too to remove any sweat and oil buildup on your face.

2. Dry Shampoo

Washing your hair every day strips your hair of the natural oils and prevents them from traveling down your hair shaft. As a result, your hair can become dry and brittle and not grow as fast. So, to prevent sweaty hair after working out, dry shampoo is a great alternative rather than washing your hair.

3. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is so important for your skin, not to mention great for your body. Especially after exercising, make sure you drink plenty of water to replenish the water you lost as sweat and to prevent fatigue. Keeping yourself hydrated will help detox your body and help you get clear, glowing skin.

4. Wear sunscreen

For those who enjoy exercising outdoors, make sure to stay protected from the sun, ALL YEAR ROUND. Even in the winter, UV rays can damage the skin so it is important to always wear sunscreen of at least SPF 15. Heat damage can result in premature wrinkles, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. For those who spend hours of the day outside, remember to reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours.

5. Keep your hair loose and away from your face

Of course, keeping your hair down is not only inconvenient while you exercise, but it is bad for your skin as you keep sweating. Especially if your hair has product in it, the product can irritate the skin and cause breakouts (if you have acne along your hairline, make sure you are not guilty of letting your hair out while exercising). On the other hand, however, tying your hair back and too tight can be damaging to hair growth. It can pull the hair too hard and cause breakage, especially when you are constantly tying your hair like this frequently. Some better alternatives include loose ponytails, loose buns, and braids.

I hope you have learned a lot of beauty tips for athletes from this article and live out the active lifestyle!