How to Stop Balding and Hair Loss December 09 2014, 2 Comments

A lot of you probably use the Banish Roller for scars or stretch marks or just skin care in general, but did you know that you can use the roller to stop balding? 

Yep that’s right,  but first I’m going to go ahead and tell you  why people start balding and some of the causes.

When you think of balding you might think of a 50 year old man with a shiny head, but millions of women unfortunately suffer from hair loss too.   Hair loss in women aren’t as noticeable in men but women can have thinned out hair as they get older too.

How come balding happens?

Male pattern baldness is triggered by a hormone called dyhydrotestosterone, also known as DHT.  This hormone is nothing but a more potent form of testosterone.  For some reason this hormone affects the hair follicles on the head by causing the hair follicle to deteriorate.  When this happens it shortens the hair’s growth phrase.  New baby hairs aren’t able to fully grow and mature into the deep rooted hair that you see on your head.  Over time, you’ll lose more hair than you can grow which shows  as your hair thinning and eventually the follicle goes dormant and stops making hair completely.

Women can experience baldness too and it’s called post-menopausal female pattern baldness.  The same hormone in guy’s that causes their hair follicle to stop working becomes more dominant.   There are other factors too that could make you go bald like a bad diet, conditions like diabetes, or hormonal imbalances.

How Banish can help

The Banish Roller comes into play by creating tiny micro wounds to reactivate your hair follicle.  If you use it on your scalp, you will probably want to use the 1mm  size with the biggest bristles because it seems to be more effective and hair follicles are pretty deep.  It works by causing damage by the follicles where your hair would grow and in return this damage will activate your skin to start repairing. 

When your skin is repairing the follicle, more growth chemicals are released around the area therefore promoting the skin in your scalp to repair itself and make new follicles and new hair.  When you use a Banish Roller around your hair, it stimulates blood flow to your scalp.  The increased blood flow delivers more essential nutrients to your scalp which promotes growth and stops hair loss.

Minoxidil is a medication that slows hair loss, and promotes hair growth.  It’s been used for years to treat hair loss in girls and guys.    If you combine the roller with an application of Minoxidil, then you could increase the effects of the medication and get better results.

Balding sucks and I think it’s worse for a girl to go through it because it’s not as common  and I feel people would stare at you or ask questions about why you are balding.   I love my hair and I can’t imagine how it would be like to have a receding hairline. I’m sure guys care too but not as extreme.  I mean I’ve never seen a guy cry over getting their hair chopped off.  Sorry guys!

If you’re suffering from hair loss or baldness give the Banish roller a try with some Minoxidil .  It’s better to try something than to keep watching all your hair fall out right?