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Subscription Guide

Subscription FAQ

Auto Delivery every 2  Months at 17% off!

How Subscriptions Work

1. If Selected, Subscribe and Save will subscribe you to the product and automatically charge and deliver the product to you every 2 months.  

You will have 3 recurring subscriptions charged and delivered to you every 2 months before you can cancel. Effective for new subscribe and save purchases starting on March 3rd 2016.

2. You will be locked in for 3 recurring subscriptions before you can cancel. If you have questions about your subscription please email You can also clicking on your link to manage subscriptions which is provided in your subscription confirmation email. 

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3. When subscribed, you will receive a confirmation email notifying you of your recurring order purchase, along with a link that lets you manage your subscription. If you lose the link, email us to request it or we can make the changes to your subscription for you.

4. A Reminder email will be sent to you 3 days before you are charged for the next shipment. If you need to adjust your order please do so before it gets shipped out.

5. If you have already been billed for a subscription and wish to cancel after 3 subscription deliveries, your next subscription billing will be cancelled and you will not receive kits at the discounted rate anymore.

If product is already shipped and you do not want the product, you can return the kit back to us for a refund minus the shipping cost. You are responsible for the return shipping cost.

Only a select few of our most popular products have the subscribe and save option, if the product doesn't give you any options then it's a one time purchase by default.

How To Cancel Subscription

You can cancel your subscription after the 3rd delivery.

Email us at  before your next delivery with "Cancel Subscription" and your order # in the subject line.  We will cancel your subscription for you within 24 hrs.  You may also click the link provided in your subscription confirmation emails to manage subscriptions, and click on "Pause" found on the right-hand side to stop the subscription.


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*customers will be notified of any changes to subscription terms