How to overcome stress during period of acne and acne scars May 22 2017, 0 Comments

By: Wara

When you have acne on your face then it makes you embarrass in front of people around you and you just want that it fades away as soon as possible.The charm of clear pimple free skin is so great that every girl can do anything for obtaining it.I have faced this problem so I know it better.If you have acne then don't be so hopeless because nothing is permanent.

Just think that you are living in the world where nothing is impossible so why you worry so much about the thing for which you are not responsible. Be happy and wait for the time when you get a perfect skin and if you have scars then just don't worry you have a perfect solution in the form of Banish kit.

And also don't worry if you can't afford like me, they will give you free kit,and that's the best part. So now when you realize that it's useless to get yourself depressed and anxious so just come out into your life.I know it's difficult, but are you so weak that you can't manage with this little problem.You know that some people in this world are facing so much big problems that we can't even imagine.

If you take a lot of stress then it increases your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a hormone which is released by your adrenal glands under stress so as to increase the glucose levels to reach the brain,so resulting in hyperglycemiaalso it depresses your immunity so you are no longer able to fight with infections.It weakens your bones and slows the healing mechanismsSo just try to understand that what you are doing with you if you take stress a lot. 

You are making yourself  more ill, nothing more than that if you take so much stress.Just be strong enough to fight acne and acne scarsBelieve me, it's not a permanent condition and one day you will be free of this and then you just laugh and say oh!how much fool I was.when you look around at the other people then you must think why only I have such acne prone skin while others are enjoying with their flawless skin,then you must remember that may be their problems are bigger than you ,you just don't know anything.

Be positive. Love yourself and don't underestimate yourself because only your efforts can make a difference.The one who makes you come out of this situation is only you.

Hope that this article will definitely help those who are fighting their acne war.