Product Review: Banish’s Vitamin C Serum May 18 2016, 0 Comments

by: Arlene

Disclaimer: I have in no way been asked to write this review by the folks at Banish. I received it as a gift this past Christmas, and I simply love it.

banish vitamin c serum

A little background on my skin: I started having acne in my early twenties, almost immediately after I graduated from college. At first, I had deep cystic acne that was painful to touch. While I still get that kind of acne every now and then, what I am mostly getting now-a-days are white heads and very congested-looking skin.

When I received the Vitamin C Serum for Christmas (thanks, sister!) I was a bit freaked out by it. Serums, in general, scared the heck out of me. Would the oils clog my pores even more? Will I be doing a ton of damage? Is it worth it? My sister, who admittedly doesn’t have too bad of skin, told me to try it — I would be pleasantly surprised, she said. I’m so happy I did!

I’m about halfway through my bottle, and I feel like my breakouts have lasted way less time taking stage on my face. Usually, they begin to heal over the course of a day or two, which is a huge improvement. It also makes my skin feel a lot smoother and softer. What I’m most impressed about is the fact that it doesn’t make me break out. That’s a huge win for someone with as sensitive skin as mine!

And, for a serum, it doesn’t feel greasy at all. I like to mix mine with my lotion. The combination is a dream concoction for my face!

I went out of town not too long ago and I forgot to pack my Vitamin C Serum in my bag. When it came time for me to wash my face at night, I was so bummed. I woke up the next morning and my face just felt drier and less youthful. For awhile, I forgot that I had left the serum at home, so I couldn’t put my finger on why my skin didn’t feel right. That’s when I remembered and made a big note to myself: never forget it again.

If you’re looking for a gentle serum for your acne prone, sensitive skin, I definitely recommend you try this one! You will be amazed at how soft your skin feels after just one use, and won’t regret taking the leap of face to make this purchase.