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I've always wanted to post this(because there's nothing wrong with having acne) but never really had the courage to. I guess I'm going to be brave today and do it lol. Although I've become strong, I still do deal with this insecurity at certain times. ---- I've had acne for as long as I can remember. I've had acne since 7th grade in middle school and now I'm 19, currently a college student. Acne came along with depression and embarrassment. For the longest, I let my skin define who I was. I let my skin take control into letting me think that I wasn't beautiful enough and that I wasn't wanted. I've tried everything in the book and even went to see a dermatologist.

I'm not taking any medication, I'm currently treating my skin with topical treatments. Due to my acne, I hated looking at people in the eye and having to see their eyes roam around my face observing my terrible skin complexion. I envied others and still do with nice skin complexion. But that's not to say I don't think I'm beautiful. I use to be super self-conscious and had very little-to-no confidence. Self love is something that I discovered, still am discovering, and learned through my struggle with having acne and acne scars. @banishacnescars #BanishWantsYourStory

Skin Blog: Post 18- Uh Oh! I can definitely feel myself getting more lazy and not wearing makeup again 🙈 I've been putting a prescribed topical cream on the bigger spots but it dries them out something terrible. So I gave my face a little exfoliation to remove the flaky bits and topped with Clean & Clear moisturiser. I also developed a spot on each side of my forehead so I feel like a she-devil 😂😈 I started my Evening Primrose Oil & Vitamin B supplement last night- 120 capsules, 1 capsule a day. Let's do this skin! Help a girl out! 👌 #skinblog #hannahsroadtoclearerskin #exfoliation #shedevil #eveningprimroseoil #skinpositivity

@banishacnescars I hope you see this because I would love to try the Banish Acne Scars products! I've had trouble with my skin since I can remember and started a small blog on Instagram to document it (#hannahsroadtoclearerskin). I've tried 3 types of anti-biotics, Skin Accumax & umpteen lotions & options! I have been denied a contraceptive pill due to migraines and I refuse to take Rouaccutane. I am getting married this October and I would LOVE my skin to be glowing for the Wedding Day 💍 and on a even better note- I LOVE HALLOWEEN. So the pumpkin face mask is the ultimate face goal product 🎃 #banishwantsyourstory

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