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Banish's Holy Grail of Skin Care Routines

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With so many skincare products out there and new ones popping up every few weeks, you might feel a little overwhelmed on how to incorporate them into your daily routine.  Don't worry, here is a complete guide on how and when to use certain skincare products for all different skin types.


Daily Skincare Routine

 STEP 1: Cleanse 


Using a gentle cleanser, apply a small amount and massage into face in circular motions.  You may use a cotton bad, pad, or washcloth to help you clean the dirt, oil, and makeup off your face.  If wearing makeup, a second wash may be necessary to get all the makeup off. 


How Often: Cleanse Twice a day morning and night is recommended.


 STEP 2: Refine Pores


Use a toner to quickly add hydration and balance the pH of your skin again to keep skin elastic.  Plus most toners also prevent your skin from getting as oily and pores from enlarging.


How Often: Spray on after cleaning in the morning and at night twice a day or at least once a day. 




STEP 3: Apply Serum

Serums are a must because they are usually concentrated and provide a lot of beneficial vitamins and nutrients directly to your skin and they are designed for your skin to absorb quickly.  Serums for acne include the rosehip hibiscus serum and for scarring, hyperpigmentation, and dark spots, we recommend something with Vitamin C.


The difference with a moisturizer is that moisturizers will sit on top a bit more in order to provide that protective moisturizing layer to prevent your skin from getting dehydrated.


How Often: Apply a serum at least once per day. You may use a serum up to twice per day.   




 STEP 4: Focus on Eye Area


It's easy to skip this step if you're still in your teens or twenties, but taking care of your eye area early will give you a youthful and brighter appearance by keeping puffy eyes or dark circles down.  Use something that combats skin damage and increases collagen with something high in antioxidants without irritating ingredients in the deliacate eye area like grapeseed oil, avocado oil, vitamin c serum, or vitamin c creme. 


How Often: Twice a day.  




STEP 5: Apply Moisturizer 


Even if you have oily skin, applying  a moisturizer is a skincare step that shouldn't be missed.  There are moisturizers that work better for oily, combination, or dryer skin.  Choose a moisturizer with vitamin c in it since it prevents sun damage, increases collagen in your skin, and prevents and fades dark spots.  


How Often: Twice a day, with more sensitive skin use once a day.




OPTIONAL Apply Natural Oils

Natural oils work well as a moisturizer too because they contain pure ingredients and are less likely to cause irritation that may aggravate acne or other skin conditions.


How Often: just add about 3 drops and massage into skin once a day or as often as needed.




STEP 6: Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be the last step because it acts like a sheild for your skin so any products added on top won't be absorbed in your skin.  Sunscreen is important because it protects your skin from damanging uv rays which lead to wrinkles and collagen depletion.  Sun exposure can also cause hyperpigmentation and dark spots to appear darker and harder to fade.  


How Often: Use a teaspoon amount of sunscreen for face and massage in 15 minutes before going out into the sun. Also add sunscreen to body too if needed.  Pick a sunscreen with at least SPF 15. 



STEP 1: Deep Clean Pores


It's important to take extra steps to nourish and unclog skin especially for people who have acne, blackheads, whiteheads, or closed comedones.  A clay masque or activated charcoal masque really helps deep clean since these ingredients attract dirt, bacteria, oil, and other impurities to the surface of skin and it all gets washed away when you remove the mask. 


How Often: 1-2 times per week


Recommendations: Activated Charcoal and Clay Masque


STEP 2: Exfoliate


Exfoliating is great for eliminating old and dead skin cells, getting rid of blackheads, preventing acne, fading acne scars even quicker, and renewing your overall skin so that your skin will be smoother, softer and brighter.  Use a physical exfoliator only if you don't have active breakouts since the abrasive nature may irritate acne.  Use an exfoliator containing alpha hydroxy acids for skin with active acne.


How Often: 1-2 times a week, up to 3 if needed




STEP 3:  Skin & Collagen Repair


Once a week, you can use the Banisher which can be used on acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, or other problem areas to apply a vitamin c serum or other natural oil or serum afterwards.  This increases the effectiveness of tskin care products greatly and it also stimulates your skin to repair itself and really helps minimize the appearance acne scars, wrinkles, or stretch marks. Avoid using the Banisher over active acne.  

How Often: Once a week with the M Banisher, 1-2 times a week with the S Banisher.