Pen Banisher – Banish

Pen Banisher

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This is a warrior’s weapon of choice to avoid any active acne while reaping all the benefits of the Banisher. Remember that we should not go over any active acne with the Banisher - the Pen Banisher will give you full control.

Made of titanium bristles to fade the appearance of acne scars,  the Pen Banisher is smaller and will also allow you to target hard to reach area on the face! 

Purchase the Pen Banisher that Daisy loves from the Banish Kit separately! Includes cleaning container and bag. The Banish Oil is not included.

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2 Months After:

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  • Pen : Get this if you have active acne to spot treat any problem areas. Use around active pimples.

Use it once every 2 weeks to pinpoint small areas of dark spots or uneven texture. Best when combined with our Banish Oil  

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