Why Should I Have A Routine? October 18 2016, 0 Comments

By Meghan

Many times when my friends with good skin have a bad breakout they ask for help. I will ask them what they do for their skin. The answer is always “nothing really” followed with a weird look. That’s where the problem begins. I had a friend once say that their mother said moisturizer isn’t important and I nearly fell over. If you do not have a good skin care routine, of course your skin isn’t going to be pretty sometimes. A skin care routine is like having a balanced meal. It’s all about what you put in the inside and on the outside. The next four steps are the basics in a routine, you can add to it to make it work for you.

The first thing is a good cleanser. Now you want to know what kind of skin type you have. Is it oily, dry or maybe is it a combination. From there you can get any cleanser in the drugstore that applies to your skin type. It will say on the bottle usually which type it is best for. Make sure you are cleaning your skin morning and night.

Next you want a toner. Now this one is easy. All toners work the same because they all have the same job. You can purchase a very simple one or maybe get one they does a little more than tone. I have bought some in the past to fight my acne scars and acne in general. This is personal preference as you learn what works for you.

Next is a treatment. This one is not as easy; this might take more trial error, if you are not lucky on the first try. There are a lot of over the counter acne treatments you can find in every drugstore. I would look at the brands Neutrogena and Clean and Clear. These brands focus primarily in acne fighting so you might have more luck here. Something you will also have to learn is how your skin works with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. These are both acne-fighting ingredients. Everyone reacts differently to these. Only one might work or both, it is good to know because many acne fighting products will contain one of these.

Finally moisturizing. This product should be specifically made for acne prone skin. It should say that it will no clog pores. This step is important for both oily and dry skin. Many oily skin types like myself think that moisturizer isn’t important but it is! It will help control the oil production!

Those are the four basic steps; feel free to change it to fit your skin.