Two Sisters. One Product. Two Results. November 19 2016, 0 Comments

By: Diana


As someone that reads magazines on the daily and never misses the column regarding facial cleansing routines, when I first read about St Ives Blemish control Apricot Scrub I was excited to find an affordable scrub and exfoliator. 

At first, the scrub felt bumpy from the exfoliating particles and the apricot scent was very nice the first couple of weeks. However, the scrub was no good for me after a couple uses. I realized that I was breaking out more than it was controlling my breakouts.

I decided to stop using it but since my sister never stopped buying some for herself, it was always tempting me in the shower to exfoliate my skin. I started to realize that this product always resulted in me breaking out with cystic acne and that the temptation was not worth the risk of a breakout. Although this product has worked beneficial for many, unfortunately for me this product only brought me a low self-esteem. 

During the time that I did use it, I never experienced over drying or tightness in my skin and rather it left my skin moisturized and helped remove some blackheads in my nose area. Although the product contains 2% Salicylic Acid and says that it prevents blemishes for my skin, this proved otherwise as I broke out so much more than when I didn’t use the product at all. Even when I used it on other parts of my body such as my chest and back my skin would break out. 

This product sadly did not prove to be effective for me. I know that everyone’s skin is different so I don’t want to say this product doesn’t work but personally, I would not recommend this product. 

Although the scrub is inexpensive, when you’re a college student on a budget every little thing counts and I was sad to see that this product did not work. Since I was left with so much of the scrub I decided to mix part of it in a bowl with baking soda and apply it on my elbows and knees to exfoliate dead skin cells and not be left with an unused product. 

I do however see that my sister continues to use this product. However, she has not had the same reaction to it with her skin as I did, so depending on your skin type, this product may work for you like it does for her. A good tip is to be cautious when using this scrub since excessive scrubbing can irritate the skin and leave scratch marks on your face and body.