7 Natural Home Remedies For Acne and its Effectivity December 17 2016, 1 Comment

By: Kelli

1. Gentle Cleansing: Honey Face Wash

I’ve heard honey is one of the most helpful remedies for acne and acne scarring, however, every time I’ve ever tried a honey face wash or face mask I’ve ended up with a sticky mess covering my bathroom sink and honey clumping around my baby hairs. The worst part is, I’ve never noticed a positive result. Scale Of Awesomeness: 2/10

2. Toning: Apple Cider Vinegar

Toning itself is a very controversial topic in the acne prevention realm. Some say it is an essential step to any skin care routine while others say to skip it all together. Apple cider vinegar was never a successful toner for me. Truth is, all it does is burn the s*** out of your face. JUST BECAUSE IT STINGS OR BURNS DOESN’T MEAN IT IS WORKING! My face was bright red and it had little to no results. On a positive note, it did speed up the lives of my pimples, bringing them to a white head much faster than usual. Scale Of Awesomeness: 3.5/10

3. Healing Masks: Yogurt, Honey, and Cinnamon Masks

First is the honey and yogurt mask. I have never tried this mask but you are already aware of how I feel about honey. The honey and cinnamon mask is one I’ve used a few times. It’s not great. Mostly a sticky disaster. Did nothing for my acne whatsoever. Scale Of Awesomeness: 1.5/10

4. Exfoliate Regularly: Sugar and Salt

EXFOLIATING IS NOT IMPORTANT. Ok, having dead skin is not good however exfoliating is not a necessary activity. Exfoliating, especially with gritty substances like sugar and salt not only remove dead skin cells, they remove perfectly healthy ones. Washing your face gently with your hands helps remove excess dead skin while keeping all the healthy skin cells intact. If you are going to exfoliate, limit it to once a month or so. Scale Of Awesomeness: 0/10

5. Spot Treat: Tea Tree Oil

I know it's hard to believe adding oil to your face will help relieve it but tea tree oil is very effective. It helps dry out nasty zits and leaves the skin feeling fresh. The only negative is that if you begin to rely too heavily on it, your acne will adapt to it, counteracting the benefiting factors. Scale Of Awesomeness: 7/10

6. Fighting Bacteria: Basil

This may be the only remedy I haven’t tried. From a little research, it seems to be like the tea bag method. Putting a damp tea bag on your face for redness relief and pore shrinkage. This is one of my favorite methods since it works well and doesn’t sting or redden the skin. Scale Of Awesomeness9/10

7. Moisturizer: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the holy grail of skin care. I used it as a cleanser for a while with no results to my live acne but it did fade some of my scars well. As a moisturizer, it's extremely great and has many benefits to the skin. The only negative would be that is an oil, therefore greasy which is not ideal. Scale Of Awesomeness: 9/10