The Science Behind Smelling Good December 05 2016, 0 Comments

By: Harri G.

Recently, I have been interested in the infinitesimal subject. I have been fascinated with the science on how scent can have a massive impact on social information gathered by others and how, by smelling good, you are viewed as more attractive. I will be explaining ways to smell good and the scientific reasons scent can have an impact on your social life.

Firstly, in the animal kingdom, animals can be attracted to each other through a chemical called ‘’pheromones’’ which basically smell. The same also goes for humans who can also be attracted to each other through pheromones. Basically, smells can scientifically make you more attractive as it can be suggestive of your personality traits. For example, smelling good suggests you are hygienic meaning that people have a more positive perspective of you.

The first way to start smelling good is to deal with body odor. Everyone has body odor and we all have to deal with it by having a shower when it’s needed. However, showering is usually not enough and we need an additional product to also cover and prevent body odor further. I recommend using an ‘’antiperspirant’’ instead of a deodorant because it will actually target skin glands to block them and prevent the odor whereas deodorant will only hide the smell. This step alone will make you smell ten times better (if you don’t really like the smells that perfumes will give you).

On the daily, for both men and women, a small spritz of perfume or aftershave will go a long way. However, only use a small amount because too much will make the scent more suffocating rather than pleasant.

Scientifically, the male pheromone and female pheromones are found in sweat amongst other places specific to the genders. Traditionally, an investigation conducted that the most attractive pheromone found in male sweat was a musky scent. This is why, traditionally, men aftershave tend to be murkier because it is scientifically meant to be ‘more attractive’. The same goes for why women perfume are usually more floral because more men were attracted to that scent.

Overall, smelling good is one of the numerous ways to be seen as more attractive but that isn’t the main reason of why you should smell good. You should do this because it will make you more hygienic and certain smells can also act as a comfort to some people (for example the smell of lavender is very comforting to me because the house I grew up in had lavender plants). I hope you were as interested in this as I was!