The Oil Cleansing Method March 20 2017, 0 Comments

By: Abbey

Looking back through the years, it seems as though I have tried every cleanser/scrub/cream out there in hopes of finding a miracle product that would really clear my skin. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I really cleared up after a two-week hiatus from gluten and dairy products. My sensitivity to these foods definitely showed in the redness/inflammation that plagued my skin, chest, and shoulders- and upon stopping consumption I noticed a huge difference in regards to both redness and inflammation. My problem after that point was the bumpy, flesh colored bumps that still persisted on my skin. 

Desperate for a solution, I looked into any possible method of exfoliation, scrub, mask etc. that would free my pores for good- but to no avail. Until I discovered a cleansing method on a blog that I felt compelled to try: the oil cleansing method. 

The word oil typically sends acne sufferers running in the opposite direction, I understand. Trust me. But I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a shot. The process involves using a mix of essential/cleansing/carrier oils (typically castor oil combined with a few others) and applying it to the face to clean the pores out and replace bad oils in your pores with good ones. Your face is essentially always attempting to find a natural balance, and the idea is that harsh chemicals not only dry your skin but upset its natural pH balance, leading to irritation and a broken out complexion.

 After trying the method for about a week, I noticed a significant improvement in the overall texture of my skin, AND my pores were shrinking?? I was surprised, to say the least. I strongly recommend this process to anyone looking for a solution to comedonal (bumpy) acne.

  *If you are interested, the process is as follows: Wet down your face and massage oil into the skin to rub off any makeup etc. and rinse face with water- this step is only required if you wear makeup. Then, apply some more oil and repeat the massaging process. Now grab a washcloth, run it under semi-hot (not burning, that irritates the skin) water and press into the face, allowing the steam to open up the pores and let the cleanser do its thing (you can repeat this step multiple times if you wish). Now using the washcloth, gently rub the oil off of the skin. And that’s it! You can now enjoy clean, soft skin :) For moisturizer, I just use a little bit more oil (jojoba oil for me) but if you don’t feel tight or dry, you don’t really even need any extra moisturizer- just let your body produce oils naturally to hydrate the skin!