My Acne Story And The Lesson I learnt From It November 30 2016, 0 Comments

By: Taylor

When I look in the mirror at my face, it's difficult for me to see anything but my acne scars. I have become skilled at the art of avoiding my reflection in the mirror and I've become even better at applying makeup strategically to cover up the scars on my cheeks and chin. Finding new ways to conceal and hide my skin has consumed a large part of my life for the past 2 years, and I am exhausted.

From ages 15 - 21 I had beautiful skin. It was soft, smooth, and vibrant. My skin was something that I was quite proud of, however, when I turned 22, cystic acne took over my face, chest, and back. I thought perhaps it was a phase, but after 6 months of relentless acne, I began to accept that this was now my reality. 

After years of using countless creams, seeing tons of doctors, trying various products, and shedding way too many tears, my acne finally let up. Finally, my skin was clearing and I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. I figured out that with the right diet, workout routine, and skin care regimen my skin was responding positively. I had hope again and the reality that I could have clear skin was actually believable. What I did not anticipate or plan for, though, was the acne scars that were left behind.  

It had never entered my mind that after the acne was gone there would be dark spots on my face that I could not get rid of. I found myself at the beginning of a new battle, trying to figure out a way to cure my skin and simply feel confident again.

One of the biggest struggles I have faced during my battle with acne and acne scarring is that living on a budget means there is only so much you can do to help yourself. Finding creative home remedies to cure my skin has become a hobby of mine born out of sheer desperation for relief. The truth is, I have found some really amazing ways to pamper myself with homemade masks, scrubs and creams. There comes a point though where home remedies simply won't do the job.  

I have learned that there is a fine line between over-indulging and simply partaking in self-care. It is important to do what you can for your well-being and health. No one should ever feel guilty for loving themselves and doing little things to feel confident. If you are reading this, just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and all you have to do is take it one day at a time.