Is Shower Water Causing Acne? September 02 2016, 0 Comments

By Kennedy

When I first read about this subject i thought it was ridiculous. I remember thinking, okay okay I’m all about desperation for finding products, but really, water? Buuuut, now that I’ve done the research it doesn’t seem so crazy. Have you ever had those times where you go on vacation or go to visit a relative in a different city, or country even? And you notice your skin looking better during that vacation, and then you go home and your skin looks just as bad as before you left? Dehydrated, dry and acne prone?

I know I have and tap water could be the reason why. You may also notice that your hair feels dry and frail, no matter what you do to help it, while you see others look so healthy and shiny. This could be due to hard water. Hard water is filled with chemicals and metals that are harsh on your skin, also making it harder for beauty products to get completely washed off.

It leaves a film over your skin so when you are washing your face thinking that you are deep cleansing, in reality you’re not even cleansing your skin fully. There are ways to combat this and test out the theory if water is causing your acne test it by trying these many ways to changing your skin by changing your water.

At first I tried using bottled water, or filling up a pot with filtered water and using it to wash my hair and my skin and surprise, my skin wasn’t nearly as dry as it normally is which is always something I link to my acne.

You can also invest in a shower head filter, you can find them from walmart or home depot for $20-40. You can also try out infusing the water you use to wash your face with rose petals, or lavender this is a way to get extra nutrients and vitamins.

It is also important to remember to shower with lukewarm water, not hot water this can damage your skin by drying it out, breaking capillaries. If you shower with lukewarm water this will help to open your pores, making it perfect for washing your face and getting a deep cleanse. When you are finished turn your water to a cool temperature to close your pores and finish by using a rose water toner or spray!