In Love with Tea Tree Oil! March 16 2017, 0 Comments

By Afika 

If you're suffering from acne, I'm sure you're familiar with Tea Tree. Yes, many people say that Tea Tree completely healed their acne, but some people just don't find Tea Tree to be the best option to heal their acne; every person's skin is different after all.

But for me, I found Tea Tree to be one of the best weapons to fight my acne. When I was almost 17, my late brother used Tea Tree as his toner. He was also suffering from acne, but it was not as severe as mine. It worked really well for my brother. His skin had gotten better ever since he used it as a toner. Surprisingly, he gave me the same Tea Tree toner for my 17th birthday. Tea Tree is, of course, from the popular store, The Body Shop.

I have small pimples and I have been very annoyed by them for weeks. My brother then told me I probably needed to follow his skincare routine as he also suffered from acne.

I used it for about 3 weeks until I got to see the significant change on my face – my pimples seemed to be healed.

I was in disbelief, of course, as I never really paid any attention to skincare before. All I did was study, and I really had no time to take care my face. I was utterly thankful to my brother. The verdict is… I really, really love Tea Tree! I have used the toner for years and I don't think I'll change it.

But do you know why are there so many acne fighters who regard Tea Tree as the best weapon for them?

Apparently, Tea Tree is antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammation – which, of course, can reduce the redness in your acne, and I can say, it is indeed very effective for me. 

My friends wondered why my face was not as red as before. I thought it was because of my face wash. Probably with the help of my face wash, my skin got better, but then I did my research about Tea Tree, and found such good news about it! 

But do not overuse it because it will dry out your skin. I only use it before bed, and I discovered that that is the best time for me. Don’t use it more than twice a day, so you can keep your face moisturized.