Hyperthyroidism: Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention December 03 2016, 0 Comments

By: Vinni

There is a deep relation between the thyroid gland and our skin. This goes for the skin all over our body, not just the face. Since I’ve had experience only with an underactive thyroid, that’s what I will write about. My acne has been very much thyroid-linked, or so I believe. When your thyroid gland, which is a small butterfly-shaped gland situated in your neck, is underactive, it means that you’re not producing enough T3 and T4, which are steroidal hormones that help control the body’s overall metabolism. A side effect of this is that the blood supply to  your skin reduces. So a major symptom of hypothyroidism is dry skin and brittle nails.

When you have thyroid associated acne, you may have pustules/cysts on your face that are usually associated with oily skin despite your face being really really dry. So you don’t know whether to use drying-out creams and gels on your face to stop the acne, or to apply moisturizer on your face so it doesn’t peel off! This is typical of thyroid acne. Something else which is a clear indication is your hair. When my thyroid went haywire, my skin did too, and immediately afterward my hair became unrecognizable. It was dry, and shedding like crazy.

If you notice changes in your hair along with acne, there is something hormonal happening! There are several other symptoms listed online for hypothyroidism, which you can easily search for. I’d like to emphasize on the fact, though, that the immediate changes I notice if my thyroid is sluggish are skin flaking off on my palms, in between my fingers, and on my face, as well as dryness all over my body, and hair fall. Also, your tolerance for cold reduces.

What can trigger this and how can you deal with it? Here is a list of things that can slow down your thyroid: 

  1. Not enough Zinc: this leads to a sluggish thyroid which in turn leads to even  lesser zinc, and less zinc leads to skin problems
  2. Masturbation/excessive orgasms: Orgasming is brilliant, but it puts your body through a lot of stress. Orgasming too frequently can cause your thyroid to slow down, and for a long time.
  3. Blood Sugar Imbalance: Too high blood sugar, insulin resistance, etc. can alter the functioning of your adrenal glands, and then, in turn, your thyroid.
  4. Lack of vitamins/minerals/fatty acids: Try taking vitamin supplements such as Vitamin D, C, and A as well as epsom salt baths for Magnesium, as well as essential fatty acids such as GLA or omega-3, all of which can fix an imbalance in the body and thus fix your  thyroid. Vitamin A deficiency is especially linked with thyroid.
  5. Lack of carbohydrates in diet: Carbs are said to be a no-no for acne, but the truth is the body depends on carbs, whether simple or complex, for energy and to speed up metabolism. If you have cut carbs out significantly from your diet, it could lead to a thyroid imbalance.

This information that I have gained from personal experience and research. To boost your thyroid, you can take zinc, drink coconut oil, eat carbohydrates, take vitamin A, etc.  For more tips on how to get your thyroid back to normal and how to detect thyroid malfunction, read up on hypothyroidism and acne! (PS-Take a dip in the ocean! The ocean water can regulate and rebalance  your thyroid.)