How to Prevent Adult Acne with Exercise June 12 2017, 0 Comments

By: Olivia 

There are three main reasons why I workout; the first is to gain muscles, to release built up stress and anger, and to help with my acne. The first two reasons are commonly known “side effects” that comes with working out, but the third is a well-kept secret. When you workout you are building up your metabolism which helps to fight bad bacteria and excess sebum productions among other things. As your metabolism is being built up you become more resistant to this bacteria and sebum that causes pimples. I had to learn this the hard way. Exercise is your best bet on how to prevent adult acne.

I follow a very strict workout regimen and would workout on average 5 times per week. My skin was glowing. I was avoiding eating dairy and sugar but would eat about anything and everything else that was set in front of me. I realized the importance of exercise when I got a knee injury and was not able to complete my usual workouts. My skin became a mess. I had pustules, blackheads, and every kind of pimple on my face. I was baffled as to why, when I was not changing anything I was eating, my skin was becoming so bad. The answer was before attaining my knee injury I was eating an excess amount of natural sugar (ex. apples, honey, maple syrup) but I saw no harm done to my skin because my metabolism was very strong and active because of all the hard work put in at the gym, but once I stopped the workouts my metabolism strength decreased and I saw the effects on my skin.

So my advice is to start working out and build up that metabolism. Once your metabolism is strong you are less likely to see those annoying pimples pop up. This is the most effective way on how to prevent adult acne. A very important thing to keep in mind is that the results do not come overnight so do not get discouraged if you are at the gym for a week and are still getting pimples. Good things come to those who wait so stick with it and your face will thank you if you do. Motivation is often hard to come by but just know that the hardest part is getting started. Once you build a routine everything will fall much more easily into place and you will, over time, start to see the results you are looking for. I experienced what a strong metabolism and what working out can do you for you and your skin. So go out there and get those gains. :)