How to Control Acne October 01 2016, 0 Comments

By Grayson T

You’ve probably seen this title on almost every blog/article/book in the world but there’s one thing that separates it from the rest. I am not here to recommend products that can magically cure your acne because the reality is, everyone’s skin is different and products react differently for everyone. If one product was a cure-all, none of us would have acne now would we? In my struggle with acne, I have gained much wisdom and strength and although the struggle is real, I would not have been where I am had it not been for my journey to battle this condition. That being said, I am here to offer what I have learned over my journey of 2+ years with acne now.

First things first, I am an observer, and I like to question things on why, how they work. It is just in my nature. That being said, I observed people with clear skin and those with bad and put two and two together to figure out why one has bad skin while the other does not. The answer is complex really. For example, I have a friend who sleeps late, eats like crap, and yet he has great skin with the exception of a few spots that go away in a day or two. Then there’s me and probably a whole group of people who watch what they eat, are very diligent with their skin care, and also make sure to sleep soundly each night. This is also brought up the question of why do people I know that smoke, drink, and eat badly have acne free skin. There could be just the simple “it’s their genetics.” However, that answer seemed too simple for me.

Instead, I went on several acne forms and found an overwhelming similarity in all of them. I found people saying things such as “oh if I cured my acne, things would be so much better” or “I can’t do anything because of acne.” I totally understand where they are coming from as I had a phase with the same mentality, but this mindset only worsens acne. I find that a lot of people with acne are under a lot of stress. Just look at teenagers and students. Many have sleepless nights, school, social anxiety, etc. This is where I came to a conclusion to just let go. Take time to forgive yourself. In my struggle with acne, I always found myself blaming me for what happened and that is not good. Don’t stress about acne, do the things that make you happy. If there is ugliness inside your body in the forms of anger, and anything negative, your skin will show it.

To reduce stress, I have found that feeling your body is great. Take time to sit in a quiet way and focus on a part of your body, your hands maybe. I don’t know how to quite explain it myself, but I almost feel as if my body is separate from my mind, the ego I call it. The body is physical part of you and the ego controls your emotions and tells your body to react to things. If the ego portrays negative feelings, then the body will respond in a negative way in ways of stress which we all know contribute to acne and even immune system problems. Instead learn to live in the moment, get off social media as I find that looking at other people trigger negative emotions. Rather, go outside and observe the trees or anything in nature. If you find that your mind bothers you with negative emotions, let it be, let it ramble as it is a part of you, do not block it out and do not deny it. This all may be sound hippy and oh so totally rad but in doing this, and I know it’s not easy accepting yourself with acne, I have seen my skin improve tremendously. Active pimples are not frequent and I feel much lighter. There are days in which I stress and let my ego get the best of me, but recover, and forgive yourself, love yourself.

Now of course this isn’t an excuse to eat like a pig or use crappy products/remedies, but controlling your body/mind is what I found to be the most effective treatment than any product and prescription. Eating healthy and living a healthy, stress free lifestyle is the best way to cure your acne. Thanks for reading.