Banisher Mistakes That Slow (or worsen) Your Results October 07 2016, 0 Comments

By Grayson T

The Banisher has proven to be an effective way of lessening the appearance of acne scars. It’s relatively cheap, non-invasive, and is generally easy to do. However, many people struggle with it and often not see results because of a few, common mistakes that hinder progression. I have made a list of common mistakes for using the banisher that people make and solutions to them.


1. Rolling too often

This is quite possibly the most common mistake. It is crucial that you give your skin time to heal and recover after every treatment. Failing to do so can cause loss in collagen, irritation, inflammation, slow results, and all types of nasty things you don’t want on your face. For .5mm , this is what the folks at Banish provide; you want to give your skin at least two weeks to heal. This means that if you roll on Friday, take a break next Friday, and roll on the Friday after that. For larger needle sizes, you should give even more time for your skin to rest, but you shouldn’t even be using large needle sizes anyway because they are dangerous if not handled by a professional. Additionally, many people believe that .25mm is safe for daily use when really they are not. I advise sticking to a weekly treatment for this needle type.


2. Using the wrong needle size

A lot of people think that larger needle size means better results and although it may be true, many people do it wrong. Larger needle sizes have a lot more downtime and require more skill to handle. I’d say that the safest size I would go for is 1.0mm. Anything above would require skillful hands. Some people however, use sizes not big enough such as .25mm. These smaller needle sizes are good for product absorption but not effective for collagen production needed to lift depressed acne scars.


3. Using low quality rollers

Many rollers on the internet are very low quality. Rollers on eBay, amazon, or any other online marketplace are generally very low quality especially if they are sold at a low price point. If you do however believe to have found yourself a quality roller, inspect the needles for bentness and test the roller slightly on the top of your hand to test if the needles are dull. Bent and null needles are a recipe for disaster. If you are shopping for derma rollers, make sure to read reviews on the company and email if necessary. Luckily, the folks at banish provide quality rollers so they are reliable.


4. Not using sunscreen

Whenever you do some sort of treatment on your skin, sunscreen should always accompany it. Assuming you roll at night, if you have to, HAVE TO, go out the next day, and apply sunscreen. I typically recommend to not go out the next day after a session of rolling because your skin may still be red and little irritated.


5. Using the wrong products afterwards

Derma rollers enhance the absorption of products, which can mean good and bad. Never use an exfoliating product right after derma rolling or the day after. Do not apply makeup for at least 24 hours after derma rolling. Do however apply a vitamin c serum such as the one Banish provides or a retinoid. If your skin is sensitive, the serum is a better option because not only can retinoid be expensive, they can be very irritating.


6. Rolling too hard

When you are rolling, you do not want to be applying pressure or any at all. You are simply a guide for the roller and any exerted pressure may cause damage. To give you an idea of how much pressure it should feel like, imagine that you have a swollen, red pimple that hurts to the touch. Now apply enough pressure on the pimple so that it doesn’t hurt; If you press on it and it starts to hurt, you are pressing too hard; That isn’t much pressure at all is it? That is how much you should be applying to the derma roller. Remember that you are dealing with needles and that they can cause harm if not used properly.


I hope you have enjoyed reading and learned a thing or two. Lastly, there is one big mistake that almost all fail to follow, being consistent! This treatment takes time and do not expect results overnight, though some may even find that they do. If by month 2 you are not seeing results, keep going and as long as you follow these simple guidelines as well as the guidelines Banish provides on their website, then you are guaranteed results.