How Pregnancy Ruined My Skin November 15 2016, 0 Comments

By Angel

When I was younger, I never had any issues with my face. I was always told, "oh my your skin is absolutely beautiful!" I must admit it made me feel good, I didn't have to worry about acne flares from my period, or just because my face hated me. I was in the clear. It was my thing. My skin was so smooth and perfect people would often think I was wearing makeup when I wasn't. I loved my skin.

Then something happened.

In 2008, I became pregnant...I was in my early college, I breezed through the first 2 trimesters without even knowing. Then the 3rd trimester came and the absolute worse thing that could ever happened...happened. I broke out.

I mean I broke out bad.

I had acne on my cheeks,I had it on my forehead, I had it on my chin, my nose, my chest, my back, my arms.

Nothing I used worked to help it, I used scrubs,  cleansers, salicylic acid, creams, and lotions, toners, you name IT - NOTHING WORKED!!!

It was a DISASTER!!!!


Pregnancy mask they call it. The mothers glow they named it. I begged to differ. I never invested in so much makeup in my life! I was a theatre major ya see, and we had this AMAZING stage makeup that was thicker and had amazing concealer and setting powder and I used that. Daily. I caked my face with my theatre makeup to cover my acne.

Now I didn't look crazy, so let me stop you there...but I certainly didn't look like I had acne.

What a relief. I prayed and hoped that this acne would go away and never come back after I had my baby girl.

Fast forward to 1 week after delivery...I woke up to a clear face, neck,  back, and arms. It was a miracle! Conflict averted. I didn't have anything to worry acne about anymore. I simply went back to using regular makeup, and I made sure I scrubbed my face with my St. IVES Apricot Scrub. That stuff was my lifesaver. Helped make my face smooth and free of gunk. I was finally back to loving my skin again...someone even stopped me and asked what was my glow from. I said, "My light from a dark tunnel of preggo acne." they looked at me crazy, but understood! At least I think did.

I have never appreciated having amazing skin in my life until I had bad skin.