How I Cured my Chest and Back Acne April 04 2017, 0 Comments

By Thea 

 Acne is a common problem I face every day. Growing up, I kept experiencing breakouts along my jawline, hairline, and forehead. They bothered me but it was tolerable since they were in areas I could easily conceal. However, there was one area that was completely concealed but gave me the most insecurity: my back. I didn’t think “bacne” or acne anywhere else on my body was possible. I always thought acne was limited to your face. But I was hit with reality when my back suddenly formed acne around eighth grade. I was absolutely mortified. “Am I supposed to get acne here? Is this common? Am I going to be alright?” These were questions that I would constantly ask myself. At

At first, it was just at the upper portions of my spine. But it soon branched out, littering different portions of my back and climbing up my neck. I knew no one would see them but it still haunted me. I was so insecure about it that not even my own siblings knew I had it until a year later. I tried all different types of washes and it seemed like nothing was working. At the time, I didn’t know the long-term effects of acne. I would find myself picking and scratching at my back or neck until those protrusions were diminished to the feeling of bug bites. I began to watch what I wore, worrying that a shirt may dip too low against my back. I would put my hair down in school to conceal my back and neck area and put them up when I got home to let my acne “breathe”.

I told myself everything was going to be ok. Until I got chest acne, that is. First, it was one. I was scared but it disappeared and then that was that. Then it was a few but it was still alright because they couldn’t be seen. Then more started to form and I found myself wearing less and fewer v-necks and more scoop necks and crewnecks. This, along with my bacne, caused a great deal of pain and self-esteem issues. I felt like I could no longer find myself wearing spaghetti straps and tank tops in the summer. This problem went on for a couple years until I found a solution around senior year of high school.

I was watching a YouTuber, soothingsista, talking about skincare products she was currently loving. At one point, she mentioned having bacne and I was taken aback. Bacne? Is someone publicly speaking about bacne? I continued to watch and she spoke about Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap. This organic soap claimed all sorts of things but the only thing that mattered was that it helped cure her bacne. I immediately went out and bought the product at a local Target. I was skeptical using it at first since the consistency was like water. But I was desperate for a solution so I used it anyways. That was that. It worked. My chest and back acne went away. Sure there are a few bumps occasionally but for the most part, my body acne has been tamed. As for my confidence, I do have some scarring from the constant scratching that used to worry me but it’s nothing compared to the feeling of being able to wear tank tops again.