By: Amy

Like I’m sure most of you know, makeup application with acne and hyperpigmentation can be an absolute terror. We’ve all had emotional breakdowns where we feel like makeup is no longer an enjoyable activity or an art form, but a chore. 

The agonizing routine of applying layers and layers of concealer and foundation to hide those embarrassing red blemishes can take a toll on your confidence, but I have found an amazing trick that has helped the process become a lot easier and less time consuming for me and hopefully you too! GREEN CONCEALER! I was first introduced to green concealer by one of my dearest friends, (who just so happens to be a makeup artist) after complaining about the red spots all over my face. I know it sounds kind of odd at first, I thought so too, but I promise you, this is a product you MUST add to your makeup bag. 


Green concealer sounds kind of crazy, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Remember learning about complimentary colors in grade school? Well, red’s complimentary color is green…meaning that when you cover your red problem areas with the green concealer the red is neutralized and toned down. Cool right?


It’s quite simple really, what I personally do is dab the green concealer over all of the red spots on my face after moisturizing. It can look a little scary at first, but once you apply your foundation over top, I promise you will be amazed! Before I used green concealer I used to have to apply almost 3 layers of foundation over my skin to be satisfied with my coverage, but now I only apply the one thin layer and I am left completely content with what I see!


My personal favorite green concealer is ‘Maybelline’s Corrective Concealer Cover Stick’. There are a few reasons I believe it is the best one out there, but keep in mind what might work best for me may not have the same results for you. Firstly, it comes in a stick form, so you are able to just open up the tube and dab it directly on your problem areas just like that (as opposed to having to use a brush to apply). This not only makes it quicker but allows you to get the most out of the product, because you’re using only what you need and not wasting any by leaving residue on a brush.

I’ve personally had my stick for about six months and still have probably a month’s worth left. I think that’s pretty good considering I use a generous amount almost every morning. Another thing I love about this product is that it is very economical, being a college student I am very strategic in how I spend my money so I can’t always go to Sephora and buy a Corrective Kit for $46; the Maybelline Corrective Concealer Cover Stick prices at only $5.99 and honestly works just as well as any other higher-end brand I’ve used. 

Again, these are just my personal experiences, feel free to test the waters out with different products, but definitely give this product a try, especially if you want to try green concealer/corrective concealing for the first time! I hope green concealer brings you as much happiness as it has for me and helps make your makeup application a little bit easier!