Getting Rid of Bacne June 05 2017, 0 Comments

By: Anais

Growing up I had never had any types of breakouts anywhere on my body or face. But one day around the time I turned 15, I started to notice I got acne. It wasn't on my face but on my back. It was so embarrassing. I had bacne. I refused to wear any shirts that showed my back! It was so hard in the summer, I always wanted to wear cute little shirts but was too ashamed to show my back. I ignored it hoping my bacne would just clear up on its own, and it didn't really seem to go away. I started working out in my late teens and started to notice it happening even more. I researched and found out maybe why I was breaking out. I didn't want to give up going to the gym, so I decided to look into different ways to get rid of it and prevent bacne from continuing.

Showering right after your workout/day

Once you're finished with your workout, or just in general, it's very important to shower. Bacteria can build up from sweat, which causes your skin to breakout. It can also clog your pores and makes it harder for acne to go away. I usually shower after my workout at the gym, that way it doesn't dry too much off into my skin.  I like to wash my body with a light scrub, once I massage it into my skin I leave it on for a minute or two before I rinse it off, that way it can sink in and do its job! Also, make sure all of the conditioner and shampoo are all out of your hair and back! If it stays in, it can lead to more breakouts (I usually wash my hair first that way it makes it easier).

Wearing clean clothes

Make sure you're always wearing clean, breathable clothes. It's always better if the clothes touching your back are nice and clean, and if possible made out of natural fibers.  Tighter fitting clothes can cause the acne, so if you can't avoid it, then the cleaner the better. Try to make sure you wash the clothes after each wear. Especially gym clothes! Even though you wash your clothes regularly, sometimes the detergent can be an issue, using a more gentle detergent with minimal or no scent can help. Bleaching your white clothes can kill most of the bacteria on your clothes. Just make sure to rinse it properly so that the harsh bleach doesn't irritate your skin.

Washing your bedding

Dead skin cells and dust can collect onto your bedding very quickly. If pets are sleeping on your bed with you, then he or she will be adding on a lot of dirt as well. Make sure you are either changing or washing them out twice weekly. Using bleach can kill more bacteria, just make sure they are also rinsed so that all harsh chemicals are out. Washing or changing out pillow cases bed sheets and blankets are all important for getting rid of any body or face acne!

Natural Scrubs

Making natural scrubs can be very cost effective if you cannot afford to keep on buying some from the store. I personally like making a lemon and sugar scrub. All you need is a full lemon, a couple tablespoons of sugar I use 1/2 cup (depends on how much you want to make) and a pinch or two of sea salt. Massage into affected area, and rinse off and then pat dry. I repeat this method about once or twice weekly. It has worked for me, and I'm extremely happy with the results. There are many different scrubs you could try but this has worked the best for me.

Other scrubs you can make or buy

African black soap
This soap has all mitral ingredients including shea butter and coconut oil. If you don't mind an earthy smell then you will definitely like this!

Lemon and honey scrub
1 cup of white sugar, 1/2 cup of honey and 1 lemon
Super simple and works great! Just scrub in the shower weekly.

Pure unfiltered apple cider vinegar and water
Make sure your back is clean, I usually would do this after a bath.
Just use 3 parts apple vinegar and 1 part water. Dip cotton ball. And pat on your back, or affected area. You can leave it overnight or for 15 minutes, just make sure to rinse it off after!
Use scent free moisturizer after if your back feels dry.