Easy Home Workouts to Keep you Active December 12 2016, 0 Comments

By: Marlene L

Part of having a clear face is being healthy INSIDE and OUT. One way to get a head start is by working out. Now, you may say that going to the gym is a drag because gym memberships are expensive, maybe you don’t have time to go, or maybe you feel intimidated by all the people who know what they’re doing. In reality, you don’t really need a gym; all you need is some space in the comfort of your own home. Depending on if you want to work out your butt, abs or full body, here are two easy-to-follow workouts.

Glute Workout: (Each workout is 4 sets)

  1. Start with some cardio. Do 15 squat jumps (simply squat and jump!).
  2. If you’re in your backyard and have enough space, do 10 leap frogs (get in the squatting position and keep jumping forward).
  3. 30 lunges (15 each leg). To prevent any injuries, don’t bend too low to the point where your knee exceeds your foot.
  4. 15 side squats. Stand straight (this is your starting position) and extend your right leg to a squat, back to starting position and then squat by extending your left leg.
  5. Get on your knees and forearms. Extend your right leg out behind you, squeezing your butt, and kick it up towards the ceiling. Do these 12 times each leg.  

Ab Workout:

  1. Start with a minute of jumping jacks to get your heart pumping (3 times).
  2. 4 sets of 10 burpees with a push-up. Do a push-up and get up. Repeat. If you’d like to challenge yourself, jump when you get up.
  3. 3 sets of leg raise (12 reps). Simply lay on the floor and bring both of your legs up towards the ceiling, bring them down but do not touch the floor.
  4. 4 sets of 15 Russian twists. Sit on the floor, keeping your feet elevated, and twist from side to side. Make each elbow touch the floor when twisting.
  5. 30-second plank, on your forearms or push-up position (Remember: keep your back as flat as a table). Do 3 sets of these, taking a 30-second break in-between.

 And there you go! You can combine these workouts or do them separately. Make sure to get a nice stretch in after. You can definitely fit any of these workouts into your busy schedule; it probably will take you an hour (at most). And the best part is you don’t even need to leave your house! This is a perfect start to staying fit.