Do it Yourself Acne Care January 06 2017, 0 Comments

By: Aly

With products after product, after product, it’s easy to see that acne and what we use to treat it can get really pricey really fast and we don’t always have the means to pay for them.  So, with that being said, I’ve put together a list of DIY products that are effective and won’t break your budget.

The first DIY is a toner.  Toner removes leftover residue and dirt from your face – it gets rid of all the grime you might have missed before.  A great at home substitute is apple cider vinegar.  Apple cider vinegar kills off bad bacteria, and because it becomes alkaline, it also balances the pH of your skin which thusly reduces the chance of bacteria growth.  This mixed with three parts of water will work as the perfect alternative toner and help lead you into the right direction of having cleaner skin.

The next DIY is a scrub.  Scrubs are used to treat/get rid of acne because they exfoliate your skin and get rid of dirt buildup and dead skin.  The DIY scrub being mentioned today is called a “sugar scrub.”  For this remedy, you can use any kind of natural sugar and then mix it with honey, olive oil or just water.  This will work to not only freshen up your skin but also smoothen it.

Another great at home acne treatment is egg whites.  Egg whites are multi-beneficial and can be used in many different ways - one of which being in the form of a facial peel.  Because egg whites unclog pores it is often used as a form of blackhead removal.  The items needed for such a thing are egg whites, a roll of toilet paper – yes toilet paper – and a flat makeup brush.  Then all you have to do is brush on the egg whites and stick on the paper immediately after.  Once this has dried you simply peel off the hardened paper and then you should be left with cleaner, smoother skin.  Another use for egg whites is using it as a mask.  In addition to its unclogging properties,  egg whites can also draw out oils and tighten skin.  So by just simply massaging it into your face and then rinsing it off you can achieve firmer oil-free skin.

My last at-home tip isn’t a DIY but it is still a piece of advice you can easily use to prevent unwanted breakouts.  Every few days switch out or flip your pillowcase so that you’re not lying in leftover oil distributed from your face to your pillow from nights before.