Dealing with Acne and Acne Scars May 23 2017, 0 Comments

By: Jyotti

I have been dealing with acne and acne scars for quite some time and it is very difficult. My sister just got married recently and I was very uninvolved in her wedding because I was so embarrassed by, my scars. The worst have I had family flying from all over the place and in my family, everyone is very straight forward and blunt. I had gone to pick up my aunt from the airport and she quickly pointed out my skin. She had said my skin looked really bad and it was a shame that I had to deal with this stubborn acne and acne scars during the wedding.

When she said that I held back my tears until I came home and cried. I could not believe that she said that to me, it made it more real and difficult to deal with since now I knew people were noticing. I became very introverted and didn’t want to go out at all.  My friends would have sleepovers and I wouldn’t go because I didn’t want to take my make up off since my scars would show.

I personally love makeup, however; I wish I was able to leave the house without it sometimes. In most times, I don’t want to look in the mirror if I’m not wearing makeup because I can see my scars and it makes me so upset. I hate taking pictures because even with makeup on the scars peep through and are visible. Having clear skin for so many years I didn’t realize what people had to go through. Now I’m not saying everyone with acne scars feels as insecure as me. However, it is hard having to deal with acne scars it definitely does take over your life, at least for me it did.  I am so desperate to try the banish kit so many people have raved about it. I really want clear skin and I strongly feel the banish kit can do that for me. It has helped so many people and I want it to help me.

I want to be able to leave the house without makeup. I want my scars to be gone one hundred percent and feel beautiful again. I really hope I receive the banish kit, and can give it an excellent review, and share my story with anyone out there struggling with acne scars. It is rough and if the banish kit works for me I will recommend it to everyone I know in hopes that they can have clear skin as well.