Common Home Remedies That Worsen Acne October 05 2016, 0 Comments

By Grayson T

Those who have scoured the internet for acne treatments find that at the top of the results are natural home remedies which frighten me as many of them are very harmful. Remember that a lot of things on the internet are not regulated and people can put the stupidest things on there and sadly many people will believe them. There is some reasoning to most of these home remedies, but many are often over exaggerated and misinformed. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


I don’t know how rubbing citrus fruits on your face became a thing but they are all over the internet as a supposed treatment to red marks with the claim to exfoliate and brighten skin. The truth is, lemons can’t exfoliate properly, can cause irritation, and even cause light sensitivity. Just don’t do it.

Baking Soda:

Baking Soda is basic on the pH scale and can throw off the natural pH of your skin causing it to freak out. Many like to pair this baking soda mask with an acidic toner such ACV but the damage is already done and your skin is already feeling the effects of it so not much can be helped with it.

Walnuts, scrubs, sugar, etc.

Scrubs are not a good idea for anybody, especially those with acne. Many scrubs tear at the skin causing mini lacerations that can open homes for infections or cause irritation. I would generally stay away from anything ending in scrub.


Cinnamon is actually good for you, but only when ingested such as in tea. On your face, it becomes a recipe for irritation.


There are tons of other home remedies out there but I’ve covered the majority. There are however good ones to try too. Raw honey and clay masks are actually good for you so consider them if you really want to get into natural remedies. Thank you for reading. To your health!