Common Acne Myths July 31 2016, 0 Comments

To this day it surprises me how much misinformation there is on the internet regarding acne and skincare in general, but then again the internet is public domain. What is even more brutal is that vulnerable people will believe anything they see on the web and can’t wait to try it out, I would know because I was one of them, but don’t fall for it. In this article, I will bust 5 myths that is most common with acne that many still believe today.


1. Acne is the result of uncleanliness.

While this may be true for some, it doesn’t apply to most, especially for us who look after ourselves. Acne is a systematic and complex problem that can be the cause of numerous factors such as hormones, immune system issues, stress, etc. Your skin is a reflection of your lifestyle. This myth can cause harm as well as it can cause many to over clean and irritate the skin.


 2. Drying a pimple will work

This is a common misconception and is a term even used in numerous beauty products that claim to dry up the pimple. Attempting to dry a pimple may hinder your skin’s ability to heal and fight inflammation. The dryness will also signal to your body to produce more oil and can lead to more clogged pores.


3. You can scrub away the acne

This is a common misconception again and a harmful one that can cause troubles. As angry as you may feel about your acne, scrubbing away will only add fuel to the fire. It will irritate your skin and may even cause your acne to erupt and spread bacteria all over your face and no one wants that. Some low quality scrubs may even cause micro tears in your skin and cause more damage.


 4. The tingling means its working!

This is something I used to believe in and something a lot of consumers look for to make sure a product is working. Don’t think it is. It is often a sign of irritation and may cause more oil buildup and troubles down the road.


 5. Eat chocolate and greasy foods and you’ll have acne

While this may hold some truth as diet is undoubtedly linked to acne, it isn’t entirely true. High amounts of sugars may cause spike in insulin and cause problems that ultimately result in acne, but if everyone who ate chocolate had acne, no one would buy chocolate right? Same goes for greasy foods. My advice is, as a lover of both, keep them in moderation to maybe once a week or month and live a healthy lifestyle for the rest.


That’s it! 5 common acne myths busted. It’s important to always seek the logic in things especially when it comes to taking care of yourself. Thank you always and have a great day!