Clear Skin Myth March 31 2017, 0 Comments

By: Claudia

There are so many acne products and home remedies aimed to promise clear and flawless skin. What really works is the time and effort one chooses to put into it. Since my 2009 nightmare, I have tried cheap home remedies and expensive dermatology doctors. For the most part, the time I spend every night and every morning to clean and refresh my face has been noticed. I still have the scars, which I have come to terms with always having them. But there is a difference in the look and feel to my face. It never fails that the day before or after my period a sticking zit appears, but I guess that will always be happening till I reach menopause. J

That would be the key reason I would want to start menopause early. But aside from all the hormonal talk; I have always pondered those fairytale questions. What if for one day, I was able to have the perfect skin? What would I do? How would I feel? I have all this excitement building up inside me; yearning to one day wake up and see that all my hard work of maintaining a daily & nightly facial routine has paid off.  Who would I be or become? Will a new face literally make me face my fear of being secure to approach a stranger? Till that day comes, I have grown to be less shy and leap out of my comfort zone when I feel comfortable enough. All these years I have sat behind the scenes, watching my life pass me by.

I have never felt courageous enough to share my story and struggles. I have tried to research different outlets of new acne treatments & products to use over the last two years. I came across the Banish product last year and have really enjoyed watching viewers film their results and speak nothing but great things about the product. I am hoping to invest in the product and try it out for myself. Over the last six months, I have been able to save enough to just buy the Banish Roller Packet. I am excited to try it later this week when it gets delivered.

I have seen a lot of reviews for the starter kit; which looks like I could benefit from all the products included. Since it is a little more than my budget, I have planned to eat out less and not do as much shopping to start saving up for my own kit. All in all, I feel like a true acne survivor. No matter the struggles that life throws at me, my battle with acne will slowly disappear with the time and effort I put into my facial routine; one day I will be able to say, it was ALL worth it after 29 years.