Benefits of Rice Soap February 23 2017, 0 Comments

By: Afika

To an Asian, rice is one of the most important dishes. If there was no rice, we wouldn’t be full. We need rice to complete our mealtime… but what if the main component of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner become a soap? And more than that, what if it can heal acne? Mind-blowing, isn’t it? So many benefits come from rice!

I used Rice Soap when I was in high school, as a teenager who had loads of activities from studying to sports. I did almost everything in high school. I live in a tropical country, where there are only 2 seasons – rainy or sunny. With such unstable weather, your face will tend to be dull because of how hot the temperature is.

With dull and acne-prone skin, you need a savior that can brighten up your face as well as heal your acne. I used to have lots of pimples, scars, plus a dull face! Yikes! Since my knowledge was limited, I was trying my best to find a good face wash. I bought everything, from super expensive ones to the cheapest ones. I just wanted to get rid of my dull-looking face and my never-ending acne!

One of my friends recommended Rice Soap, which I felt hesitant to try at first, because it seemed like I would never find a good face wash and that my face will forever be dull and full of acne. She insisted for me to try, and she even bought Rice Soap for me!

I would have felt bad for rejecting her recommendation, so when I came home, I used the soap immediately as a face wash. The soap is not a liquid soap, but a soap bar. At first, I used it in 2 days and I saw no results, but I didn’t get breakouts either, so I continued to use it. A week later, I realized that there were good results when one of my friends (not the one who recommended Rice Soap to me) came to me and said that my face looked bright. I felt even happier when she said she couldn’t see the redness of pimples on my face. I went from having a dull face with pimples to a bright face with not too many pimples.

I used Rice Soap ever since then. Rice Soap is made in Thailand, by a company called K.Brothers. On the packaging, it says the soap was made 100% from white rice, which can help heal your small pimples, and of course, brighten up your skin! I’ve been using this soap for years. I thought it won’t be suitable for me since I tried the expensive ones and saw no results at all. I feel so regretful now knowing that Rice Soap’s price is much cheaper than all the expensive face washes that I bought. What a waste of money! I could thank my friend a million times that she recommended to me something very effective.

If you want to try the soap, you can just Google it. There are dozens of rice soaps out there, but the K.Brothers Rice Soap is my favorite. As always, good luck!