Makeup Is No Good To Acne February 04 2016, 0 Comments

by: JYHeleneK

I was never the kind of girl who wears lots of makeup, because I am lazy. I would only put makeup on the eyes with mascara and eye shadow. But as my struggle with acne was getting worse, I was forced to put on make up to hide the bumps on my face. And especially because I work in the hospitality industry and working on the operational side, not putting makeup was a NO go. Of course, this depends, on which country and in which department you work. But in Asia, if you work at the reception, you must hide everything. The thicker the make up, the better. Of course it was the worst, for the person with acne.

I was lucky enough, I started working overnight and my manager was nice enough to accept that I did not wear make up. It was not easy to get the approval. But imagine this, the first time your manager meets you, you skin is almost perfect, just one pimple here and one pimple there, nothing bad. But then six months later, due to some weird circumstances, you come back from holiday with a face full of acne, well that is exactly what happened to me. They say people that go on vacation should come back relaxed and happy, well for me it was the opposite. Yes, I was indeed relaxed but my skin just reacted to something, it was like an allergic reaction. And because I was putting make up, working hard and not sleeping enough, this acne got worse.

Up until today, two years later, I am still suffering from it, but my skin definitely calmed down. It is much better. And of course I am not wearing as much make up anymore.

Makeup blocks your face from breathing, this is why you must clean your face before sleeping to let it breath again.

The day I will have less scars, I hope to stop using makeup if I can.

Of course, if your work obliges you to hide your real face. I suggest that you stop using liquid foundation and use mineral make up such as the brand 'Bare Minerals'. This make up product has saved my skin from being blocked from breathing. But one thing you must do, if you wear make up everyday, you need to wash your brush quite often with soap to clean it up. Because dirty items create pimples too.

I believe that makeup inflames your acne and makes it poisonous.

Trust me in what I say, because I have been living this so called acne 'nightmare' for the last 15 years almost.