Foundation for Acne Prone Skin December 31 2015, 0 Comments

by: Nikki Reynolds


One of the most stressful things for me has been looking for a foundation that will not break me out.

The very first foundation that I ever used was Cover girl Two in one and it was just awesome, I absolutely loved it! I never broke out and it felt really good on my face. After I ran out of it, I decided that I wanted to try a different kind of foundation, so I bought one from Drew Barrymore's Flower makeup line.

After I bought this was when I began getting acne, so I decided that I needed to be careful on what kind of foundation I buy. I researched online and asked a few of my friends, which foundation was the best for acne prone skin, and I ended up with Makeup Forever Mat Velvet.

This is seriously the best foundations that I have ever used. It is so soft and feels really good on your skin. With other foundations, after a little while you can feel the heaviness of the product and it starts to feel gross and oily but with this, it’s the exact opposite!

When you apply it, you cannot even feel it on your face or even tell that you are wearing makeup because it just looks so natural! At first I was a little iffy about buying the product because it only a 1.1 OZ bottle, but believe me when I say this, a little goes a long way! With all of my scarring, I only needed about the size of a pea's worth of product to cover my entire face. Now, I really do not consider this to be full coverage foundation, but it does cover enough of my scarring to make me feel comfortable.

This foundation is just the most perfect thing ever! It makes your skin feel so velvety and creamy and the best part is that it doesn’t cake at all! The foundation does have a little bit of a smell but it actually smells pretty good! Another positive thing about this product is that it is buildable without it starting to look cakey. This foundation is also extremely matte, which is the look that I love most, so that is also a plus! This foundation has yet to break me out so I am extremely happy about that. I do love this product and am glad that I found it.