Don't Let Your Physical Appearance Change Your Personality December 22 2015, 0 Comments

Hello there. You might be reading this and think that this a typical story of a teenager that was inflicted with acne or you might sitting there nodding your head because you shared the same experiences. Either way, this is the story of how acne molded me into the individual that I am today.

During my elementary years, people have always known me to be an energetic little boy. I was charismatic, likable and approachable. I participated in a variety of sports, events and became quite popular. I was the funny kid in class, instilling laughter to those who were having a bad day, including my teachers. There wasn’t one person on the playground that didn’t know me. 

After leaving elementary and entering high school for the first few years, puberty hit me harder than anything I have experienced in my life. My voice began changing, my face structure was developing more sharpness but what’s worst out of all, was that my acne broke out of control. I really didn’t know what I could have done to remedy the situation. I’ve tried numerous of counter products and well-branded products like proactive only to be disappointed.  Not only has the products failed to solve my problem, it was actually worsening it.

Over the course of a few years, I’ve started to realize that acne impaired my life and destroyed my confidence. My ability to look eye to eye with another person was non-existent because in my mind, I knew that they wouldn’t focus on me but rather my acne or scars. I wasn’t the same person I used to be. I knew that I have changed, but realization struck me a little too late. The friends that I knew from elementary attending my high school was surprised that my personality changed so dramatically. They couldn’t believe that I was the same person that they knew in those earlier years.  I became socially awkward with people, not knowing the right words to say because I was always thinking about what other people thought about my physical appearance.

It was one thing to change socially, but to change physically as a result of acne was on a different level. I stopped going out to family dinners, always finding the right excuses. I skipped out on any confrontation with anyone. My life was forever scarred. Literally. Years have gone by, and the big circle of people that I used to know, diminished to an insignificant number. I’m 21 years old today, trying to reflect on all the things that have happened in my life. I am extremely disappointed with myself on how I handled the situation, and how much I have changed as a result of this condition. I always thought to myself how I might be different if I wasn’t afflicted with acne and I could pull up a million things that would be different but in the end, they are all assumptions. Although my acne has faded, I’m left with scars to remember the suffering that I have been through, and I’m here today to fight back with Banish.

I wrote this blog simply because I want to share my condolences to all those who suffer with acne. You must fight it, and not allow it to change your personality. And remember, that it is only a temporary phase. I have read and watched numerous videos regarding the banish acne scar products and I have to say that I’m quite impressed with the number of good results. I’m also pleased to say that I will be starting my first session with the product quite soon as I have recently purchased the product and if experiences with the product is successful, consider me as a long-time supporter of Banish products.

banish to all those who suffer with acne 

Yours truly,