5 Easy DIY Gift Wrapping Hacks For Lazy People December 18 2015, 0 Comments

5 of our favorite DIY gift wrapping ideas for the holidays that are super easy and fast!  Even if you aren't the best at gift wrapping, these will make your gifts look Pinterest worthy!

DIY ribbon bow

1.  Buy a gift box with a cool or simple design.  We got a red glitter box from paper source here, but you can go anywhere like target, or even the dollar store to get some boxes.  

gift wrap ribbon box

2.  Use a long peice of ribbon and start from the front and brint it over to the back, crisscross it over and bring the ribbon back to the front. 

gift wrap box bow

3. Tie a bow and use scissors to cut excess ribbon off.

gift wrap box bow ribbon

Fabric Wrap

1. Get a square or rectangular piece of fabric and place your box or gift in the center

fabric gift wrap

2.  Get two opposite corners and tightly tie them together like how you would tie a shirt and repeat with the other two opposite corners.

diy fabric gift wrap

3. You can add a candy cane or piece of pine in the middle to give it some extra decoration.

diy fabric gift wrap

Tissue paper pom pom

1. Choose a sheet of tissue paper to your liking

2.  Fold it in half vertically

3. Fold it in half horizontally 

tissue paper pompom

4. Do one inch accordian style folds as if you're making a paper fan.

5. Tie the middle with a rubber band 

tissue paper pompom

6. Cut the edge with scissors at a 60 degree or so angle.

7. Carefully open up the pom pom and tape it on top of a box.

tissue paper pompom complate

Glue and Glitter

Wrap your present in a solid color wrapping or craft paper.  

Get some brushes and elmers glue or you can use a glue stick too and paint your design on the box.

diy gift wrap glue

Pour some glitter or confetti over the glue. Let it sit for 3 minutes and tap the box on the table to get the excess off so your glittery design shows up!

diy glitter wrapping paper design

The Handmade Present Look

Wrap your present in black craft paper.  Get some chalk, white marker, or anything white and draw your own holiday message and any other design on the package.  ( snowflakes, snowmen, reindeer etc) 

happy holidays gift wrapped present

This gives your gift a very personalized look and feel that no one else can reproduce! 

Hope you guys liked these DIY gift wrapping ideas!  We like to wrap our stocking stuffer gifts like this if you want to see our holiday sale check it out here! Let me know if you tried any of these out!