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By Alyssa

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After years of experimenting with different techniques to cleanse-moisturize-heal my face, I have finally found an effective, easy, and relatively cheap regimen that works for my combination skin. And I would like to share it with you guys. :)



To keep the natural oils on my face, I refrained from over-cleansing in the morning. But if you're struggling with a super oily face (like me before), the remedy is to heal yourself from the inside.  Then, the oiliness of your face will lessen naturally in no time. In the meantime, you can use blotting paper to remove excess (not all) oil off your pretty face.



- Rosewater-ACV solution (60/40) on bottle spray

- Tissue

- Moisturizer with Sunscreen (kept in a freezer)

- BB Cream

- Powder



1. Spray the rosewater-ACV mixture (used as a toner/cleanser) onto face. Wipe off night cream gently from your face.

2. Spray the toner on your face again but this time, don't wipe it off. Let it seep into your skin.

3. Put your ever-trusted moisturizer with sunscreen (Nivea works for me). Do not rub it on your face. Rather, pat it gently to stimulate blood circulation and to assist absorption.

4. Apply BB cream. Then finish off with powder.



The key to an effective beauty rest is to clean your face gently but thoroughly. Your face cannot simply repair if you leave all those impurities (pollution, makeup, oil) on your face as you sleep. But cleansing is not enough! You also need to exfoliate (2-3 times a week) to remove unwanted dead skin cells. This helps your skin in revealing a new, radiant complexion. My favorite one is the honey-lemon-scrub because it's easy to prepare yet effective in healing my skin. But make sure to use natural honey (preferrably manuka) or it won't work that much. I also gently brush my face using a sanitized old toothbrush (since I have no money to buy a Clarisonic).

Next off is the serum. You can skip this step if you're relatively young (20 and below) with a naturally flawless skin. But if you have a damaged skin (due to age, sun exposure, acne and other skin disorders), you better start using a night serum to help your skin heal. Apply your favorite serum onto face before the moisturizer to ensure absorption. Don't forget your moisturizer! Moisturizer is your best friend. :)


- Wet wipes

- Bioderma Sebium H2O

- Rosewater-ACV-Tea Tree Oil (60/40 and a drop of tea tree oil) solution on a small bottle spray

- honey-lemon-brown sugar scrub

- Serum (Vitamin C/Anti-aging)

- Night cream/moisturizer

- Treatment cream cream



1. Rather than using makeup remover right away, clean your face first using wet wipes (to save money on the makeup remover). This usually takes up to 4-5 wipes.

2. After the wipes, you can clean your face thoroughly using Bioderma Sebium H2O. It really works like a charm in removing even the slightest trace of makeup. You can put as little as 2 drops of the makeup remover on your cotton pad (not cottonball to make the most out of the product) and give it a go. You can skip this steps 2 and 3 if you did not go outside that much and not wearing any makeup.

3. Use your favorite skin cleanser and lather up. Brush your face gently with a toothbrush to remove makeup that had settled on your pores. Rinse off but do not pat dry. The water on your skin will be needed in the next step.

4. Exfoliate your skin using a honey-lemon-sugar mixture or any other scrub that suits you. Wash it off after 15 minutes and pat dry. This should be done 2-3 times a week.

5. Spray your rosewater-tea tree oil solution onto face. Pat your face gently and let it seep into skin. Let it air dry.

6. Apply your serum (Vitamin C/antiaging/lightening). Pat it gently onto skin.

7. Apply your night cream. Again, do not rub it on your face. Rather, pat it gently to stimulate blood circulation and to assist absorption.

8. The last step is solely dedicated to your beloved acne. Apply a dot-sized amount of your acne treatment (mine's tea tree oil) on top of your pimple. Try not to apply on the areas around your pimple.


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