Do DIY at home acne remedies really work? November 19 2015, 0 Comments

By Roma,

In 2008, I once again got motivated to take acne as part of my fait and decided to live with it. I decided to face everyone and live my life with acne. So once again I had to pretend that I was strong and that acne did not bother me at all. I decide to live once again for my mother who was getting so upset because of me. She lost all her hopes on me.

She thought I can live the life of a normal girl ever again she used to cry when I stopped going to school and gave up on my friends and my life as a whole . But I was not going to see my mother like that any more.

I decided to live once again for her. I decided to be strong and powerful from the inside. I told my self that I shall be strong and that I may answer every question that people may have regarding my face . I started school again but by this time I was a year behind from my other friends. I really hated this but I decided to stay strong.

On the other hand I kept trying and used other home remedies that people would post on the internet especially on wikihow. I also tried tooth paste and things as stupid as nail paint on my face. These things just didn’t make logical sense to me but I still gave them a go.

I would pour honey on my face because I was told that it may be helpful. I know, dear reader, you must be thinking that how stupid I am to try all these things on my face but honestly if you were in my place you would have done the same.

I have tried almost 80% of the make up products in my country so that I could cover my acne but nothing saved me from the embarrassment that acne made me suffer from. I stopped eating oily foods, chips, chocolates, sodas, deserts! Everything! I gave up on all the foods that I loved eating and switched to eating more vegetables and other organic food products. 

This diet helped me in getting into a better shape, however, it did not do anything to the acne. My acne got worse with every new day of my life.