By: Callmekitsch



A person’s skincare journey can be an emotional one, but it can also be expensive. Finding the right product that provides the solution for your problem can require a lot of trial and error. Navigating the aisles of the drug store and the counters at the department store can leave you overwhelmed, making you worry if being duped for your money. Unfortunately finding the right product entails experimentation. In order to discover the best solution for you, you’re going to have to try a lot of different products, which can be daunting.

By using these tips, you’ll make sure that your path to clear  skin doesn’t hurt your wallet:

1. Dive Into Your Local Clearance Section

Most drug stores and even department stores have clearance sections full of rejected product. At first, it may seem like you shouldn’t use a product that’s been rejected by the market, but there are many factors that would make a company liquidate their product. It could be due to a change in their branding, an updated formula or just a mistake a marketing company can make. By taking advantage of this sale for a low cost you can see if this product works for you.

2. Log On and Get Informed

The internet is a bounty of information regarding skincare. One google search for “getting rid of blackheads or “fading dark circles” brings up articles from every major publication. Although they may be right in their information, a lot of the time these sites have digital strategists working to advertise these brands. Sometimes they will recommend a product that may not necessarily work the best. Using an online forum such as Makeupalley or reddit.com/skincare allows you to get information straight from the consumer. A lot of these times these forums have insight on cheap products that really work that you may have written off as being too cheap. One example of this is users raving about Nivea Crème, a product that is almost a century old!

3. Complain

If you ever buy a product that doesn’t work remember that these companies can reimburse you. One quick email can get you reimbursed allowing you to try another product. They have entire departments devoted to making sure you are satisfied so speak up! You never know until you say something – as they say the squeaky wheel gets the oil!

4. Do It Your Self

Sometimes the right skin-care solution can be found right in your fridge. Resources such as Youtube, online forums, social media such as Pinterest and Tumblr can provide you with innovate ways to use everyday groceries to add to your beauty regime. This can include an avocado hair mask, a lemon-sugar face scrub or using apple cider vinegar in your hair. Using these things as a beauty hack can save you some pennies because it fails as least you stocked your shelf!

5. Samples

You would be surprised with how many samples you can get away with a major store. Did you know in Sephora you can request a sample for any product? Doing this you can experiment without committing to a full product. If you’re too shy to ask in person, maybe try shooting an email you never know!