5 Blissful Beauty Hacks June 29 2016, 0 Comments

By Emily

 beauty hacks

If you're like me, your beauty routine is constantly changing and improving. I've learned many new tricks to keep my look updated and fresh and I'd like to share a few noteworthy ones for girls like me who love a good hack.

  1. Some of us can't afford to buy a lip scrub for $26. Good news, you can easily make your own for almost nothing, and it's even edible! Mix together a little brown sugar, a few drops of honey and a drop of olive oil. The brown sugar helps to scrub away any dead skin while the olive oil and honey add moisture. Now scrub away! It'll leave your lips feeling baby soft and ready to face anything. I like to throw on a little coconut oil afterwards to give it that little something extra!
  2. Unruly hair can rule you, but not with this hack. Using a towel to dry your hair can cause unwanted frizz and split ends, but thankfully, we all have that drawer full of old cotton t-shirts that we hardly wear anymore. Instead of a regular towel, grab one of those t's to dry your hair! The cotton material is non-snagging and won't cause split ends all the while reducing your frizz!
  3. Sleek, shiny, hair is something that we all dream of. Most people know about this hack but get it completely wrong! Using coconut oil on your locks can be an absolute life saver, but only if you do it right. The trick is to use a minimal amount, almost as if it's not even on your hair, and only to put in on your ends. Otherwise, drenching your hair will cause it to become too oily and the process of trying to get the oil out is going to dry out your hair more than it had been before.
  4.  Moisturize those lips! Moisturize your lips every night for chapped lips are never cute. Always, always wear Chapstick to bed. Or even better, coconut oil. Your lips will wake up soft, plump and  healthy looking. The trick is too slightly over line your lips with whatever moisturizing substance you're using. This will help to moisturize not only your actual lips but around them to create plumper, healthier lips!
  5. Embarrassed of those yellow nails? I've got a trick for you. Over time, excessive painting of your nails can cause them to look ugly, yellow and just plain unhealthy. The nice thing about this little secret is that all it takes is a few minutes and some household ingredients. Mix hydrogen peroxide and baking soda together to make a paste. Then apply to your yellow nails and scrub until they become like new! Your nails will be white and almost as if they've never been touched with nail polish at all.