4 Inexpensive Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy December 03 2016, 0 Comments

By: Harri

After many years of not knowing how to look after my hair properly, leading to split ends and lots of breakages, I now have refined my hair routine which leaves the hair not only looking good, but strong and healthy. I want to share some inexpensive advice on how to get your hair looking its best.


There is no better feeling than having soft hair that is flowy like silk and it’s actually really easy to achieve. First of, though, I have to address the use of silicon in shampoos and conditioners to get hair soft. Does it make your hair soft? Yes. Is it healthy for your hair? Not really. Silicon in hair products lays over your hair follicles to make hair feel soft, however, it will block moisture from being retained in your hair which can leave it dry and brittle once the silicon has worn off.

The better alternative is actually using the natural product coconut oil. Coconut oil is very inexpensive and can last you a very long time. The effectiveness of coconut oil comes from how you use it. Some people put it in their hair and wash it out after 5 minutes. However, from personal experience, I find it most effective by leaving it in overnight. I simply massage the oil into my hair from near the root down to the tips. I will then get a shower cap or a towel and wrap my hair inside. Ensure that it is unlikely for your hair to come out with a headband for example. Then, once you wake up, simply wash the oil out for beautifully silky hair.


The best way to avoid brittle hair that will easily break and cause split ends is to have good moisture in your hair. I have found the best way to retain moisture in your hair is to wash your hair (after conditioner application) in as cold water as you can bare.  You should first wash your hair in warm water to allow the dirt in your hair to be washed out more easily with your shampoo. However, after applying your conditioner and leaving it from 5-10 minutes you should wash your hair with cold water. This allows the beneficial effects of the conditioner to be more effectively retained and not washed out.


I found that the main culprit of unhealthy hair is actually how often you wash your hair. I used to wash my hair every day because I though by washing the oils and dirt out my hair that I was keeping it healthy. Actually, I now realize I was doing the opposite. Your head will produce essential oils in your hair to keep it moisturized and healthy. This means that frequent washing will get rid of these oils making your hair dry. Now, I simply wash my hair when it becomes too greasy (usually takes 3 days after washing, however, it may be different for you).