Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil September 14 2015, 0 Comments

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil

By: Kate E. 

Using coconut oil is so great because it’s fully natural. Most times, you could look at the back of your moisturizer and see a tonne of ingredients that you’ve never heard of that are mostly always filled with chemicals and other nasties that you shouldn’t be rubbing all over your skin. Your skin absorbs everything you put on it so from the coconut (and other natural oils) is the perfect all round oil. Some of my favorite uses include:

As a hair mask:

I like to take a few tablespoons of the oil straight from the jar, put it in a small bowl and heat it in the microwave for a few seconds until it becomes a liquid. Then I take it in my hands and rub it through the mid-lengths to ends of my hair. I will then brain my hair and leave it in for a few hours while I go about doing other things (homework, cooking etc.) I normally leave it for about two hours, brush out the braids and wash it all out in the shower. If you have oilier hair – make sure to double shampoo to get all the oils out and condition as usual.

Body moisturizer:

So great to put on the skin because it’s fully natural and you know exactly what your body is absorbing. I take a small amount of the oil straight from the jar and rub it in my hands until it reaches the right consistency. Then I smooth it over my arms and legs to make them super soft with a subtle shine. I feel like it makes you look really glowy and moisturizes really nicely. I don’t use it to moisturize my face because it tends to clog my pores (the last thing I want to do). I purchase it in a large jar from the supermarket so it’s fairly inexpensive.

Lip moisturizer:

If I still have any left over I might rub a small amount onto my lips to make them baby soft and shiny. It’s also really good for the lips because you know your not putting chemicals close to your mouth and its completely natural and safe to eat.

Makeup remover:

I like to take a small amount of the melted oil of a cotton pad to take off my makeup. It rubs off makeup really easily and doesn’t irritate my skin because it’s chemical free. It does leave a slight oily residue so I like to wash it off with warm water after removing my makeup.

Frizz fighter:

I take a super small amount of the oil and rub it in my hands then lightly over the surface of my hair to combat any frizz throughout the day. The oil weighs down surface hairs and also makes it look super healthy and shiny. I then rub the excess through the tips of my hair to moisturize and reduce the appearance of split ends and it makes it smell great too.

Body scrub:

I like to combine melted oil with ground coffee, sugar and salt to the desired consistency then massage over any rough patches of skin to remove bumps and to even any skin discoloration. I then wash it off in the shower with a gentle body wash and moisturize after for the perfect soft, smooth skin.

Eyelashes and eyebrows:

I like to take the oil on a clean spoole then comb it through my eyelashes and eyebrows. I read that this makes them thicker, healthier and longer so I am waiting to see really noticeable results, length wise, but has definitely made them look thicker and healthier. When I apply it with the spoole I lightly massage the skin around it to stimulate the follicle and promote growth of the brows and lashes.