Acne Mapping (Chinese Medicine) September 10 2015, 0 Comments

Acne Mapping (Chinese Medicine)

By: Kate E. 

As acne is a symptom of your body not working as efficiently as possible it’s important to see where the acne is coming from so you can know how to solve it. Surface acne often comes from your skincare routine – so not exfoliating thoroughly, exposing your skin to excess bacteria and oils – rather than from a problem within your body, which would show as deep and inflamed acne. Using techniques from Chinese medicine it’s easy to see what your acne means and how to fix it. Keep in mind however, that this is a very basic summary and that everyone has different skin so what works true to some might not work as well for others. You can use this as a guide but experiment for yourself to find what works best.

On the upper forehead:

Typically comes from problems in the digestive system, so your body is struggling to process the food your eating and this is causing a build up of toxins. Try eating clean, lots of fruits, vegetables and wholegrain foods. Lemon water is also really good for detoxifying your organs.

On the lower forehead:

Comes from your mind - so lack of sleep, being over-stressed for prolonged periods of time and bad blood circulation. Simply try to get to bed earlier so you can get more sleep and time for your acne to heal. The most productive hours for healing during sleep are before midnight. Run a bath, have some herbal tea, read a book – whatever helps you to calm down and de-stress is so important for your skin.

On the nose:

Pimples on the nose come from heart problems so you should try to work on balancing your blood pressure and again, combatting your stress levels as explained above. Try cutting out meat and salt and see how your skin reacts to that.

Around the eyebrows:

Pimples here come from liver problems - so having a diet high in fat that your body can’t process effectively or consuming large amounts of alcohol. Also, its common that if you get your brows waxed professionally pimples may come up here from irritation or ingrown hairs.


Generally spots here come from the kidneys. They may be getting overworked, so try drinking more water and lowering the amount of salt and caffeine you consume.


Spots on the cheeks commonly come from poor hygiene so make sure to you’re your pillowcase and phone screen regularly. Also breakouts here can come from problems with the lungs – so could be form allergies or smoking.

Mouth and chin:

Come from problems in the stomach and small intestine. Try lowering the amount of fast food you consume and watch the amount of fiber in your diet, which may be affecting your levels of peristalsis and constipation.

Lower cheeks/sides of chin:

Commonly, breakouts here come from the reproductive systems and hormonal imbalance. To fix this, try not to eat dairy as it has high levels of animal hormones and chemicals. Also try to remain relaxed to keep adrenaline levels balanced. It’s hard to say exactly how to balance hormones because everyone is different, so experiment with different ways of eating and see what works for you. If problems continue you could benefit from seeing a doctor or a dermatologist. Also breakouts here can come from kidney problems and stress.