From happy to sad because of acne August 02 2015, 0 Comments

From happy to sad because of acne

By: Nell S.

I’m a 17 year old girl that has been having issues with acne since a young age. It started with a couple of pimples on my forehead but with time it lead to a more severe problem. I do have some scarring on my forehead but the mostly noticeable ones are on my cheeks. I’ve tried many products but they all gave the same end result. I’ve wasted a lot of money and time into finding a product that's both safe and effective but I’ve had no luck so far. After doing a lot of research, I trust a product that I’m willing to try it out. I feel like Banish acne scars, derma roller will give me results that I will be happy with. It might not work miracles but I’d rather try it because its motive seems legit and so simple but so true. And the fact that the serums and oils are made with natural ingredients makes it even better.

Like I mentioned before, I’ve tried a lot of products for such a young age. A lot may say that I’m too young to trying to fix this issue now and that my skin will be alright with time. But i know that’s not the case. It needs something that will get rid of the problem in the core, and I believe this product will help a lot.

I’ve spoken to a lot of health people and it hasn’t helped me at all. I’ve bought products online, through advertisement and in stores, but nothing worked. I even tried the famous PROACTIVE.

Seeing all those people on tv, finally getting the clean skin and flawless face they always dreamt of, made me wanna give the product a try. I had nothing to lose. Thats what I thought. Proactive didn’t make my skin better nor worse, but I did get really dry and like the rest of the product it was a complete fail and waste of my money.

 Today, I’m still looking for a product that will work for me. I don’t suffer from severe acne but I do get pimples. But i still have my scars from my previous pimples. Those are my insecurity in life. I feel trapped whenever I go out without putting makeup on. I don’t feel safe and confident in my own body. I want to get rid of my problem so i can be the carefree girl I want to be, who doesn’t need makeup to cover up flaws. But I’m not that girl, yet.