BB Cream vs. Foundation: Are they the same? July 30 2015, 0 Comments

BB Cream vs. Foundation: Are they the same?

By: Tianna

         Here In my stash of makeup products I hold a Cover Girl Queen collection all day flawless 3 in 1 SPF 15 foundation in the color Almond Glow letter number Q840. Then I have a Black Radiance True Complexion BB cream with a SPF 15 in the color Café number 8917 along with this BB cream I have another one By KISS New York in the color medium letter number KBB02. So the big question is “What is the difference between a BB cream and a foundation?” Here is the answer to that question!

                           BB Cream’s

  1. Lighter coverage
  2. Effortless to apply on skin
  3. Easier to remove during facial cleansing
  4. Has more skin benefits built into them to nourish the skin
  5. Can be applied easily with fingers
  6. Contains more SPF than foundations
  7. Does not feel like you have makeup on your face
  8. Most have a primer in the cream

There is a variety of different BB Creams, with the “BB” standing for Beauty Balm; they also have a range of different colors and different brands at one point in time BB creams were only white in color so it was impossible for people of color to wear them. In my opinion BB creams are better than foundations they allow your skin to not feel so “stuffed” the way it would feel if you applied 4 pumps of foundation. I also recommend BB cream for Teenagers like myself and makeup beginners because you can’t really go wrong with a BB cream it gives you a finished look and if it’s too light just add some concealer under it and a powder to set it! 


  1. Heavier on the face
  2. Full coverage depending on how much you apply
  3. Usually applied with a brush or sponge
  4. Contains SPF but a low quantity
  5. Can clog pores more easily
  6. Requires my time to apply it to your face

Foundations are great! They help a lot especially with covering up Acne Scarring which can make a Person feel really insecure about their self. With foundations you won’t really need a concealer unless you have really pigmented dark spots or if you want to do highlighting and contouring on your face. Foundations also take a little bit more effort to remove at the end of the night.