The Love of my Acne July 27 2015, 0 Comments

The Love of my Acne

By: Tianna

Some Acne products can really alleviate your acne and clear it up while some can do the exact opposite here’s my experience with some acne products, good and bad.

Acure Brightening Facial Scrub 4 FL oz ($10.00 + tax at Target stores)

I loved this facial Exfoliator it was Organic and it actually worked! The motto was to “brighten” and it did exactly that. The back of the tube says that” results should be visible within 3 months” and they definitely were there. I used it only at night time and less than a dime size amount because a little bit of this got the job done well. It didn’t leave my face dry at all but it didn’t over moisturize it either. I had this scrub since February 11th of this year and I still have it in my stash. This is definitely a staple for me.

Dr. Woods Liquid Black Soap 32 FL oz($5.00 + tax BSS Super dollar store)

This Black soap is certified organic it cleanses very well. I usually use this after I exfoliate with the Acure scrub. It is not drying the usual black soap and that’s great for me, It definitely keeps your moisture balance. Not to mention that it has moisturizing oils. It comes in a very large bottle and it can last for a long time.

365 Organic unrefined Virgin Coconut oil 14 Fl oz ($9.00 + tax at Whole foods)

Usually my mother gets our household pure coconut oil from Trinidad when her sisters come to visit. However we happened to run out and I needed to find some fast. I discovered this coconut oil at my friends’ house; I figured that it would be legit enough being as though that her mother is an “Organic Freak”. So far I love it! It’s moisturizing and at night time I mix a dab of this and my Shea butter together as a night serum.

Perfect Body Harmony Raw Shea Butter 17.5 oz ($22.47 including shipping and handling)

This was Shea butter was my BIGGEST investment for facial care! Never have a spent that much money on one product. I read the reviews they were all great and the customers seemed to love it so I took the chance. I was dying for some Shea butter and buying some from the BSS was not an option because Beauty supply stores sell low grade Shea butters. This Shea butter is also certified organic so that killed my skeptics a little bit, but so far so good! I have no complaints on this Shea butter, it’s the best Shea butter I’ve ever came in contact with.

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay ($7.00 + plus at Whole Foods)

“FEEL YOUR FACE PULSATE!” This is exactly what it does! But for some reason it only made my face pulsate during some applications and not all. I’ve had this jar for a couple of months now and I try to mix up a batch with apple cider vinegar to use at the end of each week to get all of the junk out of my pores. It’s a clay mask and it dries and turns extremely hard making your face barely able to move, it also leaves your skin a little red, I wasn’t sure if the “redness” applied to me because I have medium brown skin but it did turn me bright red.