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acne journey

By: Rachel Mazza

My Acne Story: Natural facial products

To wash and care for my face now, I’ve totally turned away from the harsh chemical infused products. It makes me too nervous, and I wasn’t seeing enough results to make it worth the worry. Instead, I’ve been using more natural products, oils and plant-based solutions on my skin.

The face wash that I use now is called Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub from The Body Shop. Its not 100% natural, but I’ve found it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals that the Zo Medical does. It contains tea tree oil that is known for healing scaring and naturally lightening blemishes. The face scrub is a gentle exfoliate that really does leave your skin feeling nice and fresh. I usually use this in the evening when I shower.

I also use the LUSH product, Coalface. This is a dense face and body soap containing rosewood, sandalwood oil, and absorbent charcoal. It smells amazing and gently unclogs and shrinks the appearance of your pores. For people with only mild acne and/or blackheads, I suspect this soap would be super great on its own for refreshing your skin. I also use it on my arms and legs and I’ve found it helps to prevent bumps after shaving. I also use this one in the evening.

Sometimes I still use the Clean and Clear Blackhead Cleanser and L'Oréal Go 360 Clean Deep cleansing exfoliating scrub, but I alternate their use with the tea tree scrub and Coalface. I also use Clearproof 5% benzoyl peroxide about twice a week.

For a moisturizer, I use The Body Shop Tea tree blemish fade night lotion. However, I use this one in the morning as well. It's supposed to soak into your skin over night, but I find it works well and prevents my skin from becoming oily during the day. At night I use 100% extra virgin Coconut oil. This has been the latest edition to my products, and I have to say: believe the hype you’ve probably been hearing about the coconut oil. It seems crazy to put oil onto your skin that might already be oily but amazingly it doesn’t cause problems. Not only does the coconut oil smell amazing, but also it really does help to heal damaged skin. What it does is add protein to your skin that has been stripped away by chemicals such as bleach, peroxide, and acids. I think one of the reasons it was taking my skin so long to heal the scaring was because it was protein deficient after using so many harsh products.  

It’s also great for your hair and can repair breakage after dying and chemical treatments. Basically you can just rub the coconut oil all over your body for really smooth and nourished skin.

Caution: before rubbing anything on your face, I’d recommend only applying the product to a small test area and leave it over night to make sure you aren’t allergic to it. I have a lot of allergies to plants and tree so I was extra cautious about putting anything to my face without testing it first.

Products mentioned:

The Body Shop Tea tree squeaky clean scrub 8/10

The Body Shop Tea tree blemish fade night lotion 9/10

LUSH Coalface 9/10

100% extra virgin Coconut oil 10/10


To Be Continued...