How I Found Out I Could Banish Acne Scars May 15 2015, 0 Comments

banish acne scars kit and first impression

By Sylvia Harnarain

Well, I am a big youtube watcher and I have always loved watching the content that the ladies and gentlemen out in the beauty community put out for us weekly, and some while back  I had stumbled across this cutie named Daisy. She was wearing a blue shirt, had long gorgeous hair and a great personality! She was showing us what was in her purse. I immediately fell in love with her demeanor and felt extremely connected with her. That was way back in 2009 and I have been a fan ever since. Banish was such an intriguing brand to me because of how much I adore Daisy’s strength and bubbly personality! I have looked up to her as an inspiration because I feel like we have gone through the same struggles and emotions. But because I am so young (and my parents felt I was especially young at the time), we put off getting a banish roller after Daisy first introduced it to the world because it would have been too harsh on my skin at that time. Fast forward a couple years and here I am!

A couple weeks ago, another fellow beauty guru who happens to be one of my favourites brought this product back to my attention. Irene Sarah Mahmud Khan mentioned the Banish roller and Vitamin C serum in her most recent skincare video. Being a religious viewer, I saw how much it had transformed her skin and how much she was raving about it, and fell in love with the concept of the Banish roller all over again.

So, I started doing so more research and started familiarizing myself with the brand, checked out the website, read reviews and I was blown away. Aside from my struggle with acne, I have also struggled with stretch marks and I was especially excited when I found out that you can use the Banish roller on stretch marks!

Just as I was about to ask my mom to order me a kit, I came across a link that said “Want a Free Kit?”, and what I clicked on left me stunned. I was absolutely amazed that Daisy was willing to give the customers who can’t afford to purchase Banish products, a chance to be able to get their very own kit. I was super excited and started writing right away. I jumped at the opportunity because it only gives me another platform to praise Daisy on, and express how much I love her and the brand!