Things That Can Make Acne Worse May 08 2015, 0 Comments

By Ophelia

I was going to cut out the foundation that contained Isopropyl myristate so much earlier, but there was no alternative foundation I found that matched my skintone . Since I am biracial my skin color changes every season. 

In the winter I get lighter, and in the summer I actually get much darker, so I usually need two sets of makeup that fit me according to the season. 

This summer I went to Europe and I did not wear a lot of sun block, which was one of the worst ideas I had in a long time.

 I thought that If I wouldn’t use sunscreen my face would even out a little and the hyperpigmentation would not be so visible as before. I THOUGHT WRONG. My acne scars on my forehead got so much darker.

I hope I can help you guys out with these personal experiences and that you can learn from my mistakes.

What a lot of people don’t know is that do it yourself doesn’t make the product you are making so much better than those on the market.

Many people use lemon juice, baking soda, apple cider vinegar and all kinds of things on their faces without realizing that the product they put on their face (eventhough it is 100% natural) do not know that it has a different ph level and that this can mess up your skin's texture and cause bad effects that change your skin type if used too often.

For example disruption the PH of your skin can cause severe dryness, which causes your skin to produce more oil and will lead you to more breakouts. 

Tips for people who have acne: Always change your pillow case every couple days. This might seem unnessesary, but it is actually very important to get rid of your acne.

This way you don’t keep on rubbing your face in the same pillow in which oils and dirt get caught. Also for girls and guys with long hair -> tie your hair into a bun when you sleep. If you have bangs, pin them up.

Your hair is oily and while you sleep the oil from your hair will transfer to your face and cause breakouts.Drinking a lot of water is always very important,and will clear up your skin.

I am not sure if going on diets such as “gluten-free diets” and the “two week water fasting challenge” have ever helped anybody clear their acne, since your body needs nutrients and vitamins to restore your skin.  Of course if you are sensitive to gluten or have a gluten allergy then a diet is absolutely important for you to stay healthy.