How did you Banish your Insecurities? April 17 2015, 0 Comments

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Luong's Story

Hello my name is Luong and I'm a exchange student from Germany!
Before I found your products on Instagram my skin wasn't as smooth, or soft like my skin is now ! The Skin color was much darker and the pores were so much bigger then too! Besides I have a lot of acne and scars, which I hate so much!

In the country I was raised in, Vietnam, a lot of people looked at my face and wondered what happened to my skin. I was so ashamed of this. My parents pretended like nothing happened, but I know they were ashamed of my skin too! I could tell because they brought me to a lot of spas, but nothing changed at all.

That's why I always stayed at home because I was very very shy and not confidently to show my skin to other people! So I wished so much that I could go out without any creme or concealer on my face. After using this combination of the banish kit, the pumpkin mask and the vitamin C spray my skin gets so smooth, soft and the redness has reduced a lot.

Now I'm so confident to look in the mirror and say to myself: "You did it, no more BB creme or concealer!". Even my friends and my mom can see the change in my skin, and they were like "wow, your skin is glowing brighter than ever! "
Omg, I can't even imagine what I heard that moment, because it was the best complement I've ever heard!
Banish Acne Scars just changed my life from my 1st time I used the Banish Kit roller! Thank you very very very much for changing my life . You guy are like my life saver!


I got mine a month ago, and I use the roller twice a week, but I use my vitamin c serum every night before I put on my night cream. I had acne scars, uneven skin tone and uneven skin texture from acne and laser treatment.

After my acne was controlled, I went for fraxel treatment to get rid of my scars, but fraxel also burnt my own skin leave a uneven skin tone so I decided to try the banish roller since it's much cheaper. Now, I have been using it for a month and I can tell my skin is much smoother and it doesn't hurt at all even when I apply more pressure when I use the roller.

What's your story? Help show the millions of other people out there with the same issues that they don't need to hide anymore.

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