Banish Acne Scars and Gain Confidence April 09 2015, 0 Comments


By Shanquenett Harris

I've been researching about things that can help remove my acne scars. So far I have tried Ambi fade cream & that didn't work, so now I'm trying the palmers any-darkspot fade cream. I've been using this for about two weeks. I have not noticed any change from then and now. I will continue to use it until I find something else.

I think I have found something else already which is Banish. I ran across a video about banish a while back but I never looked into it because my skin was not that bad, and plus it seemed ridiculous to puncture your skin. I saw pictures of how the girl looked before and after. I was very impressed with the outcome. I am also impressed by how, not only does it help fade darkspots, but it helps with wrinkles also.

I don't have any wrinkles as of now but I know that this would be good for me in the long run. I like the fact that it helps produce collagen and helps the serum to seep in. All of the many benefits it has for the skin makes me want it so much more. Everybody know how important it is to have beautiful skin. It is not the most important, but it is an important factor.

The reason I say that it is an important factor is because it helps with self confidence. Without self confidence people feel worthless. Some people become suicidal. Your skin, the way you look, has a big impact on your life. People who aren't suffering from acne or acne scarring can't see it.

My sister would always say "so it's just bumps leave them alone, people have seen bumps before." She would say this hoping to make me feel better about my acne but in all actuality I dont. Some of my friends would tell me " oh you should you this." Or "you should use that." But I know that what works for them might not work for me because we have different skin types.

My skin is acne prone and I know that I'm going to need a lot more than just a face wash to clear my face. Now here I am a few months later desperate for a complete turn around on my skin. I researched about the Banish Acne Scars product and I have seen great reviews, now I would like to try it out.